Tulip Quilt pattern (free!)

Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds

The Tulip Quilt pattern is a FREE sewing pattern.  That’s right, it’s totally free!  Download and enjoy!

Download the FREE Tulip Quilt pattern

You can check out my version of the quilt here and the pattern announcement here.

The 6-page PDF pattern includes the following:

  • List of materials and supplies
  • Guide for cutting out all the pieces
  • Clear, full-color diagrams of the tulip blocks and overall quilt layout
  • Templates for appliqued birds and leaves
  • Heart templates for hand quilting (if desired)
  • Example fabric layouts to help stretch your fabric money
  • Step-by-step instructions for piecing and assembling the quilt

The pattern makes a quilt that is approximately 56 inches wide by 74 inches long when finished.

Share your Tulip Quilts on Flickr

Head on over to the Tulip Quilt Flickr group to share your photos and see what other sewists have been making with this pattern.  I’d absolutely love to see your creations.

You get what you pay for!

This pattern is free.  Great!  But with free patterns come a few caveats:

– This pattern has not been tested by anyone other than me.  If you’re one of the first people to use this pattern, congratulations, you are my pattern testers!  I’ll correct any errors as I hear about them.

– All dimensions in this pattern are provided in inches and yards.  The pattern pages are jam-packed, and those poor centimeters just didn’t make the cut.  My sincere apologies to absolutely everyone in the world except US residents.  🙂  Get out your calculator and start converting!

– I haven’t tried printing this pattern on anything other than US letter sized paper.  See my note above about pattern testers.  🙂  Regardless of which size paper you choose, check the 4-inch Test Square on page 4 to ensure that the templates print at the correct scale.

– I’ll be happy to correct errors in the pattern, but I probably won’t be willing to do a complete overhaul or add major features.  You’re getting this pattern for free, so keep that in mind.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this pattern and can’t wait to see what you make!

Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - cover image Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - one row of tulips Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - bird detail Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - Full quilt Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - hanging on railing 1 Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - diagonal on railing Tulip Quilt by Allspice Abounds - back

18 thoughts on “Tulip Quilt pattern (free!)

    • Thank you! 🙂 Spring is definitely on its way. The weather is still cold, but most of our ice has melted at this point. It’s a miracle! I can see the ground again!


  1. The was recently shared on a FB page. I think it’s sew cute, I’ll make one row for a table runner. Thank you. 🙂


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