Simple, indulgent, sweet

Science tote bag - front

Something simple: A new tote bag.  The pattern is simply a set of rectangles sewn together to form a floppy bag with self-fabric handles.  No interfacing, no structure, no frills.  Just a pretty fabric tote for housing my lunch, wallet, keys, shopping treasures, or whatever else one throws in a casual bag.  🙂

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Tote bag and napkins for my BFF

Totebag and napkins - finished

I recently did a little non-garment sewing… and for a very good reason: my best friend’s birthday.  : )  I wanted to make her something and I was pretty sure she likes purple (thankfully I was right!), so I whipped up a tote bag and a set of 10 napkins in a variety of purple cotton fabrics.  The photo above was taken by my friend after opening the package of goodies – what a beautiful shot!  I’m pretty pleased with how everything came out, and most importantly, I was so glad to hear that she liked them.  : )

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Cat’s meow reversible tote bag

Cat's meow tote bag 07

Cute and functional!  I whipped up this sweet reversible tote bag over the weekend and have been swooning over the cute kitties all week.  It makes me smile every time I look at it!  This is the third Gather Here tote bag I’ve made using the pattern from their “sewing basics” class that I took last winter.  I use the first one everyday as my lunch bag for work, so I can attest to its great functionality and durability.  Yay for more bags!  A woman can never have enough, in my opinion.  : )

Project details:

Pattern: Gather Here reversible tote bag.  (I don’t think the pattern is available online.)

Fabric: Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda (pink/orange print); Pet Park by Robert Kaufman (cat print)

Modifications: None

Level of crafty satisfaction: Too cute, love it!

I went a little overboard with the photoshoot, but really, can one ever get enough cute cat fabric?  I didn’t think so.  : )  Enjoy the photos!

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Dress cutting complete, tote bags in the works

Bright happy dress - pile of pieces

Behold: a pile of very bright dress pieces (and not-so-bright lining pieces) for the Bright Happy Dress.  Step 1 complete!  Many, many more steps to go!  Gotta celebrate each little step along the way, right?  : )  It *is* pretty satisfying to look at this neat pile of garment pieces on my sewing table… so I guess that’s a good reason as any to celebrate.

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Merriweather Council tote bag

01 Tote bag - finished on couch

Embroidery!  I seriously had no idea what I was missing.  Last month I took an introductory embroidery class at my favorite new craft store – Gather Here in Cambridge, MA.  (BTW, my discovery of Gather Here and my subsequent jaw-dropping awe really deserves its own post.  It was a truly orgasmic experience.)  The class was taught by the fabulous Danielle of The Merriweather Council (go check out her Etsy shop!), and she opened my eyes to the wonderful world of decorative stitching.  I really cannot express how much joy this has been bringing me – I am in love!  The class involved embroidering a canvas tote bag, and my finished product is above.  LOVE IT.  Details below.  : )

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