Caramel pecan pumpkin pie

Caramel pecan pumpkin pie - closeup

As I mentioned last time, I really enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner every year, and even though I was only cooking for one this year, I couldn’t leave out the pies.  I mean, what’s Thanksgiving with out pie? If you’re going to stuff yourself with goodies and regret it the next day, you might as well really go for it and throw in some rich, buttery pie.  It’s an American tradition.  : )  Typically I make at least two pies – apple, pumpkin, and maybe a berry pie if we’re having a lot of guests – but this year I reduced it to just the basics: good old pumpkin.  To be more specific, I made a caramel pecan pumpkin pie from my weathered copy of Better Homes and Garden’s New Cookbook.  Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.  Mmmmm…. pie.  Are you drooling yet?  I am.

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Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries

Raw brussels sprout

When I lived in New York, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family every year.  Truth be told, I was pretty excited to do it.  : )  Thanksgiving is a great excuse to try out a bunch of new recipes and not feel guilty about tossing aside the non-fat cooking spray in exchange for a little butter.  It’s only once a year, right?  But anyway, although I moved to Boston last year and haven’t be able to make it home for the past two Thanksgivings, I’ve still been cooking up a storm, albeit a slightly smaller one than usual.  You know, fewer power outages, less news reporters flying away.  This year I whipped up some of Alton Brown’s brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries – a super easy recipe that has all the Thanksgiving food requirements: (1) can pass as a traditional Thanksgiving dish; (2) uses butter; and (3) contains enough greens to pass as healthy.

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