The first red and yellow circle

Stitches del Sol - progress - yellow circle - closeupI’ve made a little more progress on my Stitches del Sol “swirly surface,” most notably the addition of the first red and yellow circle inside the swirly vine.  I’m pretty happy with it!

Stitches del Sol - progress - yellow circleI’ve also started another vine that extends down to the bottom of the piece.  La la la, lots of leaves to go…

Blogging time is short this week, so that’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope you’re having a good week!  : )

More Stitches del Sol and an upgraded lightbox

Stitches del Sol surface - Day 1 closeupI started another little project today – the “swirly surface” (as I have decided to call it) from the Stitches del Sol pattern series by SeptemberHouse.  I think the pattern is a good combination of adorable and funky, and I love the color scheme of all these patterns.  In particular, I’m totally digging the red on blue here.  I traced the pattern using a heat-sensitive white marker from Clover with the fabric and pattern taped up to the window – not the most fun part of a project, but kind of necessary!  I hope I stick with this project because I’d really love to see it all finished and up on the wall.  As usual, I’m not holding my breath.  : )

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