Pattern drafting: first attempt at skirt sloper

Skirt sloper version 1 - front

My adventures in pattern drafting are in full swing over here!  This weekend I drafted an initial skirt sloper using the same book I used for my bodice sloper, and you can see the results above.  I can’t say that I’m happy with the current state of the sloper, but it’s really not all that bad for a first attempt.  Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.  : )

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Adventures in pattern drafting: bodice sloper

Jack Handford patternmaking book - binding

Over the past week, I’ve been diving head first into the glorious and puzzling world of pattern drafting.  YOU GUYS.  This is seriously the most fascinating, most fun, and most confusing sewing I’ve ever done.  I LOVE IT.  Sorry for the caps, but come on people!  This is really exciting stuff.  : )  There is a ton to say about this type of work, but I’ll try to keep this post as brief as possible.  Let’s dive in!

The book pictured above is my Christmas present from John (which I totally asked for): Professional Patternmaking for Designers of Women’s Wear by Jack Handford, published in 1974.  I had checked it out of the library earlier in December and decided that I needed a copy of my very own – it was that awesome.  The book walks you thorough drafting slopers (also knowns as blocks, fitting shells, etc.) and how to then alter them to make any garment your little mind can conceive.  Let’s just say my mind was blown.  The possibilities are endless.

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