A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials

A big list of welt pocket tutorials by Allspice Abounds

After sewing my first welt pockets, I found myself ravenously blood-thirsty for MOAR KNOWLEDGE on this absolutely fascinating subject.  It turns out that Googling “welt pocket tutorial” results not only in a ton of tutorials, but a never-ending rabbit hole of welt pocket awesomeness.  There are SO many tutorials and SO many different techniques.  If one were a crazy sewing lady, one might find oneself in welt pocket heaven.  Just a warning.  🙂

Anyway, I found myself mentally classifying all the tutorials I came across into various categories based on technique, and it soon became too much for my poor little brain to handle.  Then I started writing it all down in a big list.  Then I thought, maybe some other crazy sewing ladies (and dudes?) might also enjoy a categorized list of glorious welt pocket goodness.  You see where this is going…

Allow me to humbly present:

A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials!

Single welts, double welts, zippered welts, welts with flaps, the works!

A few disclaimers: I haven’t tested out any of these tutorials.  I didn’t include video tutorials.  There are WAY MORE welt pocket tutorials out there!  I got wiped out and stopped after about 50 Google hits.

With that said, enjoy!  🙂

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Sew Skillfully: Welt Pockets 3 Ways

Sew Skillfully - Welt Pockets 3 Ways by Allspice Abounds

Have you ever sewn a welt pocket?  I hadn’t until recently, and let me tell you, they’re not nearly as tricky as I thought!  If you can follow directions and sew precisely, you can make a beautiful welt pocket.  As part of my ongoing Sew Skillfully project, I tried 3 different welt pocket techniques in an effort to (a) teach myself the general approach, and (b) compare and contrast a few different methods.  And as usual, I had so much fun in the process!  Today I’ll share with you what I did and my thoughts on the various techniques.

This won’t be a detailed tutorial, but a quick Google search for “welt pocket tutorial” will lead you to an absolute plethora of options.  If you’d like to follow along with exactly what I did, you can find complete directions in the Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing, my favorite sewing reference book (no affiliation, I just love that book!).  All right, let’s dive in!

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Serger Stitches on the Baby Lock Imagine

Sew Skillfully - Serger Stitches

More serger fun today!  After I unpacked my new machine, I decided to invest a decent amount of time in learning how to use it properly.  I had never used a serger before (except for a quick and ill-fated attempt a few years ago), and I was legitimately concerned about breaking one of the very many moving parts that I had just invested so much money in.  So, I took a methodical approach and worked my way through the entire user manual, page by page, until I had explored all the capabilities of the machine.  How delightfully nerdy!

I decided to share my samples in a Sew Skillfully post, because (a) I haven’t done one in a while, and (b) I learned a TON of new skills during this process.  My eyes have really been opened to the inner workings of a serger and all the wonderful things it can do, yay!  I hope you enjoy reading about my exploration into foreign territory here.  I certainly enjoyed the journey!

Warning: this is a LONG post.  Grab a cuppa or just skim for techniques you find interesting.  🙂

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Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up and other sewing updates

Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up - group photo

 Group photo from MariaDenmark

Instead of showing you my finished Archer of Many Details, which is indeed finished but not yet photographed, I have a bunch of other sewing-related updates for you today.  Get ready for a somewhat random & gushy post.  🙂

Boston-area sewing meet-up

This weekend I attended my first-ever sewing meet-up, the Pattern Review Boston-area meet-up at Grey’s Fabric.  Basically the best day ever!  🙂  I’ve heard many bloggers say that people who sew are the nicest people, and I’m happy to report that it’s absolutely true.  Everyone I met was so down to earth, friendly, and kind-hearted, and of course everyone was so joyful and passionate about sewing.  It was such a pleasure to hang out with people who share my interest in sewing, chat about fabric and patterns, and simply meet such a wonderful bunch of women.  I think this was the first group of women I’ve ever hung out with where there was absolutely no drama.  How refreshing.  🙂

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Bound buttonholes: two-piece piped method

Bound buttonholes - two-piece piped method - large gallery image

Sew Skillfully Banner

To kick off Sew Skillfully, I decided to learn how to sew bound buttonholes.  Exciting!!  : )  The book I’m using (Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing) details several methods for making the buttonhole and finishing the facing on the inside of the garment.  For my first attempt, I chose the following:

  • Buttonhole: Two-piece piped method
  • Facing: Windowpane method

To be honest, I chose these methods because they seemed to be on the intricate end of the spectrum, and I wanted to get the best finish possible.  Call me a sucker for detailed procedures!  I actually really enjoy sewing complicated things sometimes, and pushing myself to learn these more advanced techniques is exactly what Sew Skillfully is all about.  No shortcuts, at least for now!

I made 2 buttonholes using this method.  I’ll show you my second one first, because it came out better.  Not surprising.  🙂  Ok, let’s dive in!

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Introducing the Sew Skillfully project

Sew Skillfully Banner

I consider myself an intermediate sewist.  I’ve sewn a bunch of garments, most of them successful, and definitely feel that I’ve moved on from the “beginner” title.  Interestingly, I can easily see myself squatting in the intermediate category indefinitely, happily sewing a wardrobe full of garments that fit well and that I love wearing.  Advanced techniques aren’t necessarily required for sewing successful garments.  If my main goal in sewing is producing a wearable wardrobe, I think I have most of the skills I need at this point.

However, that is not my only goal.  I want to learn, push myself, explore!  🙂  One day I’d like to graduate from “intermediate sewist” to “advanced sewist”… and perhaps even “expert sewist” somewhere down the line.  (A girl can dream, right?)  Enter the Sew Skillfully project.

Sew Skillfully is:

– A fun way to challenge myself to learn more intermediate and advanced sewing techniques, without necessarily incorporating them into a specific garment project.

– A way for me to document my progress, ask questions when I get stuck, report on any interesting findings, and share tips and recommendations with you as I come across them.

– My own small contribution in advancing the sewing blogosphere beyond content focused on absolute beginners, an area which has been fully saturated, in my opinion.

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