Serger Stitches on the Baby Lock Imagine

Sew Skillfully - Serger Stitches

More serger fun today!  After I unpacked my new machine, I decided to invest a decent amount of time in learning how to use it properly.  I had never used a serger before (except for a quick and ill-fated attempt a few years ago), and I was legitimately concerned about breaking one of the very many moving parts that I had just invested so much money in.  So, I took a methodical approach and worked my way through the entire user manual, page by page, until I had explored all the capabilities of the machine.  How delightfully nerdy!

I decided to share my samples in a Sew Skillfully post, because (a) I haven’t done one in a while, and (b) I learned a TON of new skills during this process.  My eyes have really been opened to the inner workings of a serger and all the wonderful things it can do, yay!  I hope you enjoy reading about my exploration into foreign territory here.  I certainly enjoyed the journey!

Warning: this is a LONG post.  Grab a cuppa or just skim for techniques you find interesting.  🙂

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