Red and purple scarf: finished!

Red and purple scarf - done white coat

My first finished knitting project in ages – the red and purple scarf!  Yay!  : )  I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all came out.  The color combo – love it.  I had questioned it for a while, but once I wrapped this scarf around my neck and saw the “pop” against my jacket, I was in love.  So bright and cheery without being obnoxious.  I’m also really glad I decided to go with two strands held together because the thickness is perfect – squishy and sold enough to really keep out the cold, but flexible enough to fold and wrap however I want.  The final dimensions are about 55 inches long by 5 inches wide, just right for my taste.  I love you, my new scarfy friend!

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Red and purple scarf: now with (slightly) more length

Red and purple scarf - progress - on Sammy

Remember this?  It’s the red and purple scarf, now a little longer than last time!  Awesome!!  I know it may not look a whole lot longer, but it is indeed getting there, slowly but surely.  I work on it a bit here and there, and eventually it will actually become a scarf.  Patience, my darlings!  For now, it fits Sammy quite nicely, my trusty bear and knitting-project-modeler.  If it’s not yet keeping me warm, he might as well get some use out of it.  : )

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Enjoying life and looking forward

Maggie avoiding the camera

This was my first full work week after my schedule calmed down, and wow did that make a HUGE difference.  Classes are over, my calendar isn’t chopped into 100 little pieces every week, I’m not working until 11 pm anymore, and I finally have time to relax and breathe a bit.  You know, like a normal human being.  : )  It’s about time, geez!  I had missed my life, and I’m very happy to have it back.

Here’s what I’ve been up to now that Robot Carolyn has been unplugged and put into long-term storage:

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Red and purple scarf: the beginning

Red and purple scarf

With the insanity of this fall semester, I haven’t been doing much in the way of creative endeavors.  (I have, however, gotten a boat load of work done.)  So, having missed out on much of the coveted fall knitting season, I decided to dip my overworked little toes back into the knitting waters with a super-simple, mindless little project: a scarf.  Yes, a scarf.  A big, long rectangle that requires pretty much zero brain power and creativity.  This type of project is exactly on par with my mental capacity these days – sad but true.  Anyway, this simple project is slowly and gently bringing me back to my zen state of knitting relaxation, and it’s a much-welcomed change.  Hello, knitting.  Nice to see you again.

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