Tree of Life Embroidery, version 2 – finished!

Tree of Life Embroidery - versions 1 and 2 together

My second Tree of Life Embroidery is finally finished!  Above you can see Version 2 alongside the original, larger, and more colorful Version 1 (blogged here).  Not a bad pair.  : )  This June has been so busy and crazy that crafting time has essentially evaporated, but I managed to crank out this small project on a series of flights and layovers this past weekend.  Yay for forced downtime!

The pattern is from Polka and Bloom, a great Etsy shop with a variety of really colorful and intricate embroidery patterns.  I enjoyed this one so much that I stitched it twice!  Enough said.  : )

Below are some not-so-great photos that attempt to show the details of the stitching.  My apologies once again for my super crappy camera.  Perhaps one day I’ll win the lottery and buy a new one, ha.

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Slightly more embroidery progress

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 3Progress is slow but steady on my Tree of Life embroidery (Etsy pattern here).  Warm summer weather is just not very conducive to sitting at home with my crafts!  Nevertheless, I’ve really been enjoying the few moments I spend with this project here and there.

This embroidery is kind of wonky since I traced the pattern at night with almost zero light coming through the window (not great when you’re using the window as a light box!), but hopefully the unevenness won’t be too noticeable in the finished project.  I’m planning to do most of the embroidery in red as you can see above, with a few yellow accents here and there.  Hopefully I’ll actually finish it one day.  : )

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Tree of Life embroidery (and a vacation!)

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 2

With the arrival of warmer weather and sunshine, it seems that indoor sewing has taken a backseat to a more portable, outdoor-friendly activity — embroidery.  Funny how this seems to happen every summer!  I started up another version of Polka and Bloom’s Tree of Life pattern, which I had stitched up last year in a larger, more colorful version.

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 1

I had a nice afternoon of outdoor embroidery, accompanied by my Cat’s Meow tote bag and my pink floral pleated skirt.  Craftiness galore!

VacationIn other news, I just got back from an awesome vacation at Mohonk Mountain House resort in New Paltz, NY.  It was my first time there, and I would *very* highly recommend it to anyone in the NY area.  There were tons of fun activities to keep us busy, and the food was amazing.  We had a blast!!

Now that I’m back in the real world, I assume regular blogging will resume.  Hope you all had a great week!

Tree of Life embroidery: finished!

I could not be more thrilled to finally present my finished Tree of Life embroidery.  : )  I really don’t have all that much to say about it, other than the fact that this was a truly enjoyable project from beginning to end, and I am smiling from ear to ear as I present the finished project to you.  I am like a proud mama displaying her child for all to see.  Really, if I could roll around naked in this embroidery, I would.  Seriously, I am in love with it.  : )

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Clover water-soluble pen: product review

Just a quick post tonight – I wanted to share my thoughts on the Clover water-soluble pen that I’ve been using for the Tree of Life embroidery project.  As I’ve mentioned before, the pen is indeed very water-soluble, and the markings disappeared as soon as the water from my spray bottle hit them.  Instant mark removal – awesome.  I was impressed.  But alas, the markings came back when the fabric dried.  WTF?  I’ve noticed that when the fabric dries, a blue “ring” appears around the area that I sprayed (i.e., right at the edge of the formerly water-soaked area).  I’ve gone back several times now to re-spray and get rid of the blue ring, but I always just get a new blue ring around the latest sprayed area.  Argh!  Super frustrating.  I suppose I should try just soaking the entire piece in a tub of water, but as of right now, I’ve re-sprayed the entire piece, making sure there is no “edge” where a new blue ring could form.

Sigh.  All I want to do is finish off this project, hang it on the wall, and admire my burgeoning embroidery skillz, but this stupid blue pen is driving me CRAZY.  Crazy, I tell you!!!  Has anyone else experienced this issue with these types of pens?  Does dunking the entire piece in the sink eliminate the problem?  Will my project ever be finished???

I suppose the more important question is: what will my next exciting embroidery project be?  : )

Also, speaking of upcoming projects, I’m taking an introductory sewing class at Gather Here this weekend, and I am SO excited to get back on the sewing machine.  It’s been years.  I was probably buying Nevermind at the same time as my last sewing machine experience.  Ahem.  Anyway, I will be making a simple tote bag, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Craftiness abounds!

Tree of Life embroidery: almost finished

Tree of Life - almost finished

I’m nearing the end on my second embroidery project, and I’m so excited to finally see the finished project!  The pattern is Tree of Life by Polka and Bloom, and I’ve been working on it for about two weeks in my spare time (mostly on weekends).  This afternoon I finished the stitching, and I cautiously tested out my Clover water-soluble pen — thankfully, with great results.  The blue ink magically disappeared, as promised!  Awesome.  The piece is currently drying on my kitchen counter, and all that’s left is to give it a gentle press with the iron and finish it off in the hoop.  Stay tuned for the finished project photos.  : )

Winter hiatus

Embroidery close-up

I took a little break from blogging during this not-so-wintery winter, but never fear, the crafting is still cranking along.  There is lots to catch up on!  I’m learning embroidery!  More coming soon.  : )