A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials

A big list of welt pocket tutorials by Allspice Abounds

After sewing my first welt pockets, I found myself ravenously blood-thirsty for MOAR KNOWLEDGE on this absolutely fascinating subject.  It turns out that Googling “welt pocket tutorial” results not only in a ton of tutorials, but a never-ending rabbit hole of welt pocket awesomeness.  There are SO many tutorials and SO many different techniques.  If one were a crazy sewing lady, one might find oneself in welt pocket heaven.  Just a warning.  🙂

Anyway, I found myself mentally classifying all the tutorials I came across into various categories based on technique, and it soon became too much for my poor little brain to handle.  Then I started writing it all down in a big list.  Then I thought, maybe some other crazy sewing ladies (and dudes?) might also enjoy a categorized list of glorious welt pocket goodness.  You see where this is going…

Allow me to humbly present:

A Big List of Welt Pocket Tutorials!

Single welts, double welts, zippered welts, welts with flaps, the works!

A few disclaimers: I haven’t tested out any of these tutorials.  I didn’t include video tutorials.  There are WAY MORE welt pocket tutorials out there!  I got wiped out and stopped after about 50 Google hits.

With that said, enjoy!  🙂

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Sew Skillfully: Welt Pockets 3 Ways

Sew Skillfully - Welt Pockets 3 Ways by Allspice Abounds

Have you ever sewn a welt pocket?  I hadn’t until recently, and let me tell you, they’re not nearly as tricky as I thought!  If you can follow directions and sew precisely, you can make a beautiful welt pocket.  As part of my ongoing Sew Skillfully project, I tried 3 different welt pocket techniques in an effort to (a) teach myself the general approach, and (b) compare and contrast a few different methods.  And as usual, I had so much fun in the process!  Today I’ll share with you what I did and my thoughts on the various techniques.

This won’t be a detailed tutorial, but a quick Google search for “welt pocket tutorial” will lead you to an absolute plethora of options.  If you’d like to follow along with exactly what I did, you can find complete directions in the Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing, my favorite sewing reference book (no affiliation, I just love that book!).  All right, let’s dive in!

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Spring Archer in progress: two-layer pocket and fancy sleeve plackets

Spring Archer in progress - until next time

I’ve got another Grainline Archer on my sewing table, this time in cheery spring colors.  Just looking at these fabrics makes me happy!  Although it’s far from spring here in Boston, my mind has undoubtedly shifted toward warm-weather sewing.  I’ve been enjoying wearing my first Archer so much that I figured another one was in order, especially after all those alterations I had made the first time around.  Now I can just crank out the second one with no worries about fit.  And hello, did I mention the spring color palette?  Yay!  : )

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One pattern, four spring skirts!

Four skirts - Butterick 5613 - View A - View C

Spring has sprung!  I whipped up these four spring skirts from a single pattern – Butterick 5613.  How cute!  The top two are View A, a gathered skirt with side seam pockets and a matching sash, and the bottom two are View C, a pleated skirt with a deeper waistband.  Each skirt probably took me about 2 weekends to put together – not bad at all.

Butterick 5613 pattern art

Above is the pattern art – the pink skirt all the way on the right is View A (corresponding to my two cream colored skirts), and the yellow one on the left is View C (my pink and black/white skirts).  I made a few modifications as I’ll describe below, but overall I followed the pattern pretty closely.  Lots more photos below!

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A shirt for my awesome Dad

Dad shirt - Simplicity 5366 - cover photo

My first man-shirt!  And in yellow and black flannel, it has “Dad” written all over it.  See how lumberjack-like my Dad looks in it?  : )  This was my first attempt at a collared button-down shirt *and* my first attempt at men’s clothing.  The pattern is Simplicity 5366, and the only modification I made was to add 2 inches of length to the shirt, at my Dad’s request, to ensure it would stay tucked in while he’s at work.  I made the large (size 42-44), but it came out WAY too big – WTF??  Despite the size issues, however, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think my Dad is happy too.  : )

This project came about while I was home at my parents’ house for the holidays.  I was talking about how I had recently bought a sewing machine and was learning to make clothes, and also that I wanted to stop at the fabric store while I was visiting.  My Dad humbly requested that I make him something (to which I enthusiastically said yes!), and he came with me to the store to help pick out the pattern and fabric.  I like how he was involved and excited about this project from the beginning.  The whole experience was great fun!

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