Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the back

Aqueduct Quilt - quilt top and back together

It was a three-day weekend here in Boston to accommodate all the hoopla associated with the Boston Marathon earlier today, which means that I basically sewed for three days straight.  Not complaining.  🙂  It also means that I made a ton of progress on my Aqueduct Quilt!  I’ve been obsessed with this project lately and have enjoyed the opportunity to let it take over my life for a few days.  In other words, I’ve been in sewing heaven.

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Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the quilt top

Aqueduct Quilt in progress 2 - finished quilt top

Roman aqueduct in Segovia

Work continues on my Aqueduct Quilt!  This quilt was inspired by my trip to Spain last fall, and in particular by our stop in Segovia to see this truly awe-inspiring Roman aqueduct in the heart of the old city.  I absolutely loved seeing this ancient structure and thought the stones of the arches would translate nicely into patchwork.  Hence, a quilt was born.  🙂

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