Feature on La Sewista’s Wednesday Words: pattern purchasing

Vintage dress patterns

Good evening, sewing friends!  I am surprised and delighted to report that Bunny of La Sewista! has chosen to feature a comment that I had written a few months ago as a jumping-off point for discussion on today’s “Wednesday Words.”

My original comment was written in the comments section of Lauren’s (Baste & Gather) post regarding the “fangirl” mentality that encourages automatic pattern purchases from favorite designers without much consideration for the quality of the pattern itself.  The essence of my comment, and my overall view on the matter, is that when you have limited income to spend on fabric and patterns (as is my case), more thought goes into the process of choosing which products are worth the investment.

A recent illustrative example of this is the debacle with Colette’s latest Seamwork pattern, the York top.  The original post featured an image (which you can see in this GOMI thread) of the top with abnormally (erroneously?) low bust darts on full display, which Colette promptly replaced with images that conceal the issue.  Concomitant with the image replacement was deletion of some comments that mention the problem on Colette’s blog post announcing the magazine issue.  Minutes before I published this post, Colette had replied to a question in the comments that the model was petite, and fit issues had been overlooked.  While this may be true, it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Would you buy a pattern of sub-par or questionable quality simply due to brand loyalty?

Go check out both Bunny’s and Lauren’s posts for some very interesting discussion on this topic, or feel free to leave your thoughts here as well.  I would hope that we would all “vote with our dollars” and choose to spend our hard-earned money on quality products, both in sewing and in life in general!

Casual pattern inspiration for the non-girly sewist

Interview at SeamstressErin

Everyone has their own personal style, and it’s wonderful to see so many sewists expressing themselves through personalized clothing.  Today my thoughts on sewing and style are featured over at SeamstressErin (many thanks, Erin!), and I’ll talk a little more about them here.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling people that “I’m not a girly girl.”  I used to think this was a personality flaw, but thankfully I’ve grown to embrace my love of practical, streamlined styles.  I don’t paint my nails, I barely wear makeup, and a gathered skirt is almost as rare in my wardrobe as a sweetheart neckline.  Jeans and t-shirts forever!

As many of you have been posting your fall/winter style inspiration, I’ve been thinking about my own ideal wardrobe and how I might create it using currently available patterns.  So, to join in the fun, I’ve compiled a list of patterns that I’ve had my eye on, most of which are suited for colder weather and women with a more masculine or androgynous style.  Let’s dive in!

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Choosing a dress based on fit

Butterick B5676 line artTime to choose a new project!  While my red polka dot dress is waiting for its fitting session (for which I’ve successfully recruited a friend!), I’ve been thinking about what to tackle next… taking into account a few lessons learned from my first dress.  While I love the look of the red polka dot dress (Butterick B5676, line drawing shown above), I’ve learned through actually making it that it incorporates very little fitting, hence the need for a friend to pinch in all the excess for me.  Now I can see the lack of darts in the line drawing – hindsight is 20/20, right?  There is a slight curve in at the waist, but a well-fitted dress really needs shaping in the front and back, not just along the sides.  Also, bust darts are a must.  Even for small boobs like mine!  So, with these newly-acquired bits of knowledge in mind, I’ve come up with a handful of prospects.

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