2015 Year in Review: Misses

Sewing Top 5 of 2015 - Crafting a Rainbow

After taking a look at my favorite sewing projects of the year, let’s see which projects rarely made it out of the closet.  I only have 4 projects that I wasn’t really happy with, and since most of them were experiments, I guess that’s not too bad!

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2014 Year in Review: Hits and misses

Top 5 of 2014 - Crafting a Rainbow

Is it just me, or are these year-in-review posts really fun to read?  🙂  I’m happy to once again be taking part in Gillian’s Top 5 series, in which we take a look back at our year of sewing and reflect on our success, failures, and lessons learned along the way.  Be sure to check out all the other great round-up posts listed in the comments of Gillian’s post here.

Finished Garments in 2014

Before I dive into my hits and misses, here’s a summary of the garments I sewed this year:

  • 6 Renfrew tops (2 short sleeved, 4 long sleeved)
  • 5 Archers
  • 3 Moss mini skirts (1 just finished yesterday and not yet blogged)
  • 2 Renfrew maxi dresses
  • 1 blazer (Simplicity 2446)
  • 1 sleeveless dress (Butterick 5353, now OOP)
  • 11 pairs of So Zo undies
  • 1 infinity scarf (not blogged, but it’s just a simple scarf)
  • 1 bodice and skirt sloper, still in the process of being tweaked

All in all, I sewed a total of 18 garments, not including the undies, scarf, and sloper.  I’m very tempted to say that I didn’t get as much sewing done this year as I would have liked, but looking back, it feels like I was sewing during most of my free time!  Therefore, I’ll simply confirm what I already knew: I sew at a glacial pace and enjoy taking my time.  Nothing wrong with that.  🙂

So which garments were a success, and which sat neglected in a drawer all year?

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2013 Year In Review: Misses

Top 5 of 2013In the spirit of reflection and growth (and fun!), I’m hopping on Gillian’s bandwagon and posting my Top 5 Lists for 2013.  I really like this idea, not only because it’s interesting to look back on my year of sewing and see what went well and what didn’t, but also because it’ll be helpful in moving forward, planning future projects, and making the most of my precious sewing time.  To get the worst of them out of the way first, I’ll start with the misses (and I’ve got 4 of them, not 5 – close enough!).

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