Golden wishbones: finished!

Golden wishbones 01

Behold, the finished “golden wishbone” embroidery!  : )  I really like how this came out, despite my hesitation about the color choices earlier.  This is quite a departure from the colors I usually gravitate toward – blues and purples – but I think taking a little bit of a leap worked out in the end.  As I’ve mentioned before, this piece is a total knock-off of the fabulous Merriweather Council’s embroidered hoop wall art, so although I can’t take much credit for it, I’m excited to hang this little hoop of warmth in my apartment.  Yay for more completed embroidery projects!

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Golden wishbones and a windy day

Golden wishbones - beginning

It turns out that sick days are particularly good for crafty couch time.  : )  I was home sick (again) today with a virus that’s been doing a number on my throat and general state of health, but it turned out to be quite a beautiful, sunny, warm, and relaxing day curled up on the couch with Maggie and my embroidery.  Can’t complain, really.  (Well, except for the hacking-up-of-lungs that periodically interrupted my crafty bliss.)  But moving right along…

Above you see the beginnings of my “golden wishbone” embroidery that I mentioned yesterday.  I can’t take any creative credit for this design because it’s a total knock-off of the fabulous Danielle’s embroidered hoop wall art.  BUT, I did pick out the colors myself.  : )  Baby steps.

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Merriweather Council tote bag

01 Tote bag - finished on couch

Embroidery!  I seriously had no idea what I was missing.  Last month I took an introductory embroidery class at my favorite new craft store – Gather Here in Cambridge, MA.  (BTW, my discovery of Gather Here and my subsequent jaw-dropping awe really deserves its own post.  It was a truly orgasmic experience.)  The class was taught by the fabulous Danielle of The Merriweather Council (go check out her Etsy shop!), and she opened my eyes to the wonderful world of decorative stitching.  I really cannot express how much joy this has been bringing me – I am in love!  The class involved embroidering a canvas tote bag, and my finished product is above.  LOVE IT.  Details below.  : )

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