Lace and floral undies

So Zo undies with lace and florals - front

Another pair of pretty underthings to add to my collection!  As sewing time and mental agility have both been low lately, I wanted a fun, quick project to make the best of a few free hours this weekend.  After reading this bra-making post over at the Sewcialist blog while drinking my coffee this morning, I decided that something feminine and lacy was in order.  And besides, it’s lingerie month!  I still haven’t hopped on the bra-making bandwagon, but handmade undies hold a special place in my heart… err, lingerie drawer.  This pair of So Zo undies is very similar to my previous pair, with a few minor tweaks to improve the fit and durability.  In other words, I learned from my mistakes last time.  🙂

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So Zo undies with lace waistband

So Zo undies with lace - finished

My adventures in sewing lingerie continue!  I haven’t yet taken the plunge into bra-making like much of the online sewing community, but I’ve sewn plenty of handmade undies and swear by them.  The latest addition to my lingerie drawer is a somewhat fancier pair of So Zo undies, my go-to pattern for comfortable, well-fitting, and flattering (seriously!) underwear.  The pattern is free and easy to use – check it out if you haven’t already!

So far I’ve only used cotton jersey and fold-over elastic (FOE) for my handmade undies, which is a great combo for everyday wear, but let’s face it, not all that exciting.  This time, I wanted to try a somewhat elevated version with different materials, both to inject a little excitement into my handmade lingerie wardrobe and also to learn how to sew with new-to-me elastics and trims.

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Handmade undies in fuchsia and blue

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - finished

After all the precise sewing on my Archer and a few busy weeks with not much sewing progress, I needed a simple, instant gratification project to get my sew-jo back.  I’m sure you can relate.  I decided to whip up a few more pairs of So Zo undies using some jersey scraps that I had lying around and a fresh batch of fold-over elastic.  I guess I was on a roll because I wound up making 5 pairs!  Yay for some new, colorful additions to my unmentionables drawer.  🙂

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More handmade undies

So Zo undies - front

My lingerie sewing adventures continue!  After I made my first two pairs of undies and wore them out and about, I realized that they were the some of the most comfortable undergarments I’ve ever worn.  The adjusted fit and super-soft jersey were a winning combination!  Although it may seem silly to sew your own underwear, I’ve found that the extra attention to detail makes a big difference.  It’s a great feeling not to have to constantly tug and adjust things all day – who knew handmade undies were the answer?  : )

Needless to say I’ve made a few more pairs, as you can see above, and I don’t see the underwear-sewing train stopping anytime soon.

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My second attempt at sewing lingerie

So Zo undies - first two pairs

Ladies and gentleman, I am very happy to report that I finally sewed some non-heinous lingerie.  : )  Do you remember my Epic Panty Fail of 2013?  I still get the chills when I look at those awful panties!  After such a disaster, I had set aside my lingerie sewing aspirations for quite some time, but the lovely ladies over at Sewaholic have been luring me back in with all their beautiful creations.  Have you seen Caroline’s latest lingerie set?  Wowza!

I’m not quite ready for bras and lace, so I decided to dive back in with some simple panties.  I used the ever-popular So Zo undies pattern and accompanying instructions, and I managed to make these two pairs over the weekend.  Many thanks to Zoe for this free pattern and all her helpful tutorials.  Not only did the panties come out fairly well, but they actually fit and are quite comfortable!  Yeah!!

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