Lace and floral undies

So Zo undies with lace and florals - front

Another pair of pretty underthings to add to my collection!  As sewing time and mental agility have both been low lately, I wanted a fun, quick project to make the best of a few free hours this weekend.  After reading this bra-making post over at the Sewcialist blog while drinking my coffee this morning, I decided that something feminine and lacy was in order.  And besides, it’s lingerie month!  I still haven’t hopped on the bra-making bandwagon, but handmade undies hold a special place in my heart… err, lingerie drawer.  This pair of So Zo undies is very similar to my previous pair, with a few minor tweaks to improve the fit and durability.  In other words, I learned from my mistakes last time.  🙂

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So Zo undies with lace waistband

So Zo undies with lace - finished

My adventures in sewing lingerie continue!  I haven’t yet taken the plunge into bra-making like much of the online sewing community, but I’ve sewn plenty of handmade undies and swear by them.  The latest addition to my lingerie drawer is a somewhat fancier pair of So Zo undies, my go-to pattern for comfortable, well-fitting, and flattering (seriously!) underwear.  The pattern is free and easy to use – check it out if you haven’t already!

So far I’ve only used cotton jersey and fold-over elastic (FOE) for my handmade undies, which is a great combo for everyday wear, but let’s face it, not all that exciting.  This time, I wanted to try a somewhat elevated version with different materials, both to inject a little excitement into my handmade lingerie wardrobe and also to learn how to sew with new-to-me elastics and trims.

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