Necklace-in-progress and new books!

Yellow necklace in progressI’m happily looping and wrapping my way to a new yellow necklace.  There is something about the physical process of wire work that is so meditative, relaxing, and therapeutic… like pretty much all other hand crafts.  I think that’s a big reason why I enjoy them so much!  I’m excited about this necklace because the beads are actually decent quality, which means I’m slowly climbing my way up the jewelry-making ladder.  There is so much to learn though!

On that note, I recently picked up two jewelry-making books, both by Sharilyn Miller, which are packed full of wire-working techniques and detailed photography.  I like that the books focus on the tools and precise hand movements required to make the various jewelry components, which is perfect for a beginner to really learn the intricacies of the craft.  I particularly like that they show you how to make various findings (e.g., earring hooks, jump rings, clasps, and chain) yourself, as opposed to buying pre-made versions.  How hardcore is that?  I love it!

Jewelry books by Sharilyn MillerFor the past few nights I’ve been curling up with these books and enjoying all the eye-opening moments of learning completely new skills.  I can’t believe I had never tried making jewelry after all these years of crafting!  Ah, yet another thing to spend all my non-existent money on…  : )

In other crafty news, I went to Home Depot over the weekend (always heaven for do-it-yourselfers like me) and got a brand spanking new roll of duct tape.  I can’t wait to slap it all over my apartment!  Duct tape may be a quick and dirty way of fixing things, but MAN does it get the job done.

Happy crafting everyone!



Simple green necklace

01 Green necklace - on meMy first necklace!  I used marbled green beads in 2 sizes (larger in the front and smaller around the neck), silver-coated wire, and simple wrapped loops for the connections.  I really like how it came out (despite the fact that it doesn’t really go with my orange shirt here, haha).  : )

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My first attempt at jewelry making!

All blue bead earrings

Jewelry!!  I had no idea how awesome making jewelry could be, but trust me, it is *awesome.*  I’m having so much fun with it and have so much more to learn.  A friend showed me the basics last weekend, and then this past weekend I picked up some supplies and made a handful of earrings… and now all I want to do is make jewelry all day long forever and ever.  : )

I made the blue earrings in the photo above with some cheapo beads from Michaels, some sliver coated wire, two sterling sliver ear hooks, and a few jump rings.  The design is modeled after a store-bought pair of earrings that I’ve had for a while.  Each earring took me 2-3 hours, but I’m only a beginner so I assume you can make these in a lot less time.  I love how they came out!

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