Holiday giveaway (and discover new sewing blogs)!

She Wears The Pants - cover

People, the holidays are upon us!  To celebrate the holiday season, in addition to the recent 4-year anniversary of this blog (yay!), I thought it might be fun to host a giveaway.  Up for grabs is a brand new copy of She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada, a Japanese sewing book that was released in English earlier this year.  If you’ve been eyeing this book and didn’t pick up a copy earlier in the year, now’s your chance!

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Sarrouel Trousers in floral rayon

Sarrouel Trousers in floral rayon - finished

After making a muslin of these shorts, asking for your brutally honest opinions, and hearing the vast majority of you exclaim “I would never wear them!”, I went ahead and made a version in fashion fabric.  And you know what?  I love them.  Yes, this look is not for everyone, and it may not even be working for me (la la la, I can’t hear you…), but they’re interesting and different and oddly liberating to wear.  I’m so enthralled with them that I wore them on the streets of Boston for a full day of work at the university.  Read on for a slew of photos, some minor construction notes, and my experience wearing a non-traditional garment out in public.

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Sarrouel Trousers muslin from “She Wears the Pants”

Sarrouel Trousers muslin - finished

I picked up She Wears the Pants, a Japanese sewing book by Yuko Takada, on an impulse while running to catch a train last week.  Previous Japanese sewing books that I’ve seen have turned me off with super boxy styles and titles like Sweet Dress Book.  When was the last time I wore a sweet dress?  This one, however, really caught my eye.  The original title translates to “She Has a Mannish Style,” which I think suits me perfectly.  The designs are androgynous but not tent-like (for the most part), with some really interesting details and challenging techniques.  I was intrigued!

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