Feeling better after Spinning Round 2

Well, I said I would give it another shot, and I’m glad I did.  Spinning Round 2 went significantly better than Round 1, although there are still some issues to work out.  First, the bad news:

  • Major problem that still needs fixing: sensitive areas are still getting smooshed into a pancake!  OUCH!  Tonight I came home with some numbness too… not cool.  The pain during class was still bad enough that it distracted me from working out and made it nearly impossible to participate in all the intervals.  Booooo.
  • My endurance is still nowhere near good enough to make it through the entire hour, but I’ve been doing what I can with the hope that I’ll get better over time.

Now the good news:

  • Number one improvement in Round 2 compared to Round 1: much less pain in my tailbone (or whichever bone comes into direct contact with the “saddle” (fancy word for seat – see, I’m learning!).  I wouldn’t say there was no pain this time around, but the situation was definitely much-improved.
  • I didn’t have any pain in my back and wrists this time.  Awesome.  Maybe I’m getting used to being hunched over on the bike?  I’m still wondering about the correct form… I need to ask the instructor about this one day.
  • Although my spinning endurance is still pretty crappy, it was a little better than last time.  Baby steps.
  • And finally… I didn’t leave the class with a hateful rage coursing through my veins (unlike last time, ha).  Big improvement.  I actually felt good afterward.  : )

Sooooo… I want to give it another few tries to see if things continue to improve.  We’ll see!  In the meantime, how do I un-smoosh my you-know-what?

Enjoying life and looking forward

Maggie avoiding the camera

This was my first full work week after my schedule calmed down, and wow did that make a HUGE difference.  Classes are over, my calendar isn’t chopped into 100 little pieces every week, I’m not working until 11 pm anymore, and I finally have time to relax and breathe a bit.  You know, like a normal human being.  : )  It’s about time, geez!  I had missed my life, and I’m very happy to have it back.

Here’s what I’ve been up to now that Robot Carolyn has been unplugged and put into long-term storage:

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Is spinning supposed to be this uncomfortable?

After a long and exhausting semester with essentially zero free time to enjoy being a human being, I’m making my grand return to one of my favorite places on earth: the gym.  Ah, the gym!  My old friend.  My loyal companion.  The one place I can go to let out all my frustrations and burn some calories at the same time.  A labmate recently tried a spinning class, and I decided to give it a try with her tonight.  All I knew about spinning was that it involved indoor bicycles; clearly I had no idea what I was in for.  It turns out that spinning is hands-down the most painful and most uncomfortable form of exercise I’ve ever endured.  Is this normal?

If you’re a spinning pro, please chime in here.  Does it get better?  Am I doing it wrong?  Is it supposed to flatten my you-know-what into a pancake?  Am I supposed to be hunched over like Quasimoto?  I was so distracted by the pain in my back, wrists, and lady parts that I couldn’t focus on working out.  I wound up giving up about halfway through and was counting down the minutes until I could get off that torture-device bike.  The worst part was that I could have pushed myself and gotten my heart rate up if I hadn’t been so super uncomfortable.  Booooo.  Spinning 1, Carolyn 0.

Another interesting observation from the class tonight: the instructor shut the lights, and we spun by the light of a string of white holiday lights.  Is this what usually happens?  I found it a little strange.  Hmmm.

Anyway, I’ve decided to give it one more try before completely abandoning spinning and the associated ouchies.  Maybe Round 2 will be better?  We’ll see.  For now, I’m going back to my usual workout routine of step and free weights until my body stops hurting.  Don’t worry gym, I still love you!