Handmade items out in the wild

Blazer in the lab 1

The other day at work I had a little down time and discreetly snapped a few photos of myself wearing my new blue polka dot blazer.  How exciting to see handmade garments out in the wild!  The fact that I’m taking photos of my outfits at work probably makes me a little crazy, but hey, you already knew that right?  : )

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Fungi embroidery (aka combining my nerdy passions)

This is either going to make my labmates really jealous or confirm once and for all that I’m juuuust a little crazy.  Any bets?  : )  All I have to say is that if I love embroidery AND I love working with fungi in the lab, why not combine them into one hell of a decoration for my desk?  It’s the logical decision.  As usual with my little embroidery projects, I’m completely in love with this piece.  It’s simple, adorable, and totally me.  : )

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Fungus guts (aka, my day job)

Fungal organelles

I had hoped to post the finished Tree of Life embroidery today, but alas, my day job got in the way.  So instead, you get this blurry-but-still-pretty-cool photo of some fungal cells as seen through a light microscope.  I particularly like the top left portion of this image in which you can see some funky organelles.  I’m not going to attempt to identify them since I’m not a biologist, but they sure are pretty to look at.  : )  My day today was long and frustrating – nothing worked, everything took forever, and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had wanted to.  Most importantly, I didn’t get any crafting or cooking done… for shame!  It was just one of those days.  I think the phrase “fungus guts” sums it all up pretty well, haha.  Here’s to a better day tomorrow.