One Forest Mushroom mitten

Forest Mushroom Mittens - right mitten finished

I knit a mitten!  Emphasis on “a”, since there is only one mitten so far.  : )  I didn’t get any sewing done this past week due to my back injury, but all that time sitting on the couch was a great way to bring back my knitting mojo, at least temporarily.  These are the Forest Mushroom Mittens (on Ravelry) by Elinor Brown, published in November 2010.  I started knitting this mitten in December 2011 and just managed to finish it now.  It sat in a drawer for almost the entire time in between, how sad!  What can I say?  When I got my sewing machine, my knitting took a back seat!

I’m quite pleased with how this mitten turned out, even though it’s not my best knitting work.  (BTW, have you seen Tasha’s latest colorwork cowl?  That woman is a fair isle ninja!)  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in brown, white, and red, and I used US 2 (2.75 mm) double-pointed needles throughout.  Lots more photos below, and full Ravelry notes here.

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Let the mitten knitting begin!

Forest mushroom cuff

Behold: the first cuff of my Forest Mushroom mittens!  With all this vacation time on my hands, I sure am getting a lot of knitting done.  I started this mitten last night and, with a few do-overs at the beginning, I managed to get through the fair-isle cuff portion by this evening.  I’ve just started the “mushroom” pattern that will cover the rest of the mitten (hand and thumb area).  Also, this was my first time doing Estonian braids – much easier than I thought!  Overall I’d say this is coming out pretty well considering I haven’t done any stranded colorwork in ages.  You know how in Ravelry you can choose one of five smiley faces to show how pleased you are with your project?  Well, I’m definitely in the “super happy” phase right now.  Love this mitten!!!  : )

I’m knitting these mittens with Cascade 220 Superwash Sport (brown, white, and red) on US 2 double-pointed needles.  The fabric is coming out nice and cushy between the small needle size and all the stranding along the inside.  Translation: should be pretty warm on the cold streets of Boston!

Yeah, I’m in love with these mittens already.  Enough said.  : )