Fashion embroidery progress #1: ooh la la legs

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - full view

Work on my vintage McCall’s 8680 embroidery has begun!  I don’t have much progress to show just yet, but I’m happy with the way it’s coming along so far.  The illustration on the pattern envelope was just so fabulous – how could it go wrong?  : )

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Traced vintage McCall’s pattern envelope

Traced McCalls 8680 - detail

Fashion-inspired embroidery, anyone?  I have a series of long flights coming up, and I’ve been pondering what type of crafty activity to bring with me.  Usually I take some kind of embroidery, since it’s super portable, very time-consuming, and pretty relaxing and enjoyable.  I wanted to create something sewing-inspired, and I came up with the idea to trace a beloved vintage pattern envelope and transform it into an embroidered piece.  Behold my traced line drawing — what do you think?

Traced McCalls 8680 - tracing with original pattern envelope

All I’ve done so far is trace the pattern envelope.  Since the design is a little complex at this scale, particularly around the faces and some of the lettering, I’m thinking about enlarging it on a copy machine to make it a little easier to stitch.  I’m also thinking that re-tracing the design onto the fabric will be easier at a slightly larger scale.  Maybe Gather Here will let me use their light box one night after work?  Hmmm….

Traced McCalls 8680 - fullHow fabulous are these ladies and their 1960s dresses and haircuts?  I really love the design, the fashion, and the attitude embodied in this sketch.  I can picture the finished piece hanging in my apartment, and perhaps one day in my sewing room (wouldn’t that be nice!).  Man, I hope I actually follow through with all my grand plans here.  : )  Wish me luck – my flight is this weekend!

Edited to add:  Success!  I stopped by Gather Here after work tonight and used their light box to transfer the design to some white cotton fabric.  Getting there!  : )