Renfrew #7: red zebra FAIL

Sewaholic Renfrew 7 red zebra - finished

I made another Renfrew, this time in a red zebra print jersey from Mood.  The cutting and sewing process went off without a hitch, but I have a feeling that this fabric and pattern just aren’t meant to be.  I can’t decide if I should add this to my ever-expanding drawer of Renfrews, toss it in the good will pile, or somehow turn it into a clown costume and earn a few bucks at children’s birthday parties.

The official diagnosis: way too bright/busy of a print for this top, unflattering vertical stripes, and slightly-too-tight fit due to the relative non-stretchiness of this jersey.  Womp womp.

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I sewed the ugliest panties ever

Panty sewing fail

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this awesome panty-sewing tutorial over at verypurpleperson, and I decided that sewing underwear was something that I had to try like right now.  So I gathered up some jersey from the depths of my sewing bin, purchased various types of elastic and some ball-point needles, and hunkered down for a Friday night panty-sewing party.  Umm, it did not go well.  Above you can see the fruits of my labor: two of the most ugly, ill-fitting, and grandma-like panties ever.  Why did I think this would be a piece of cake?  EPIC PANTY FAIL!

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Nailed it

Butterick 5353 muslin - nailed it - FAILEnough said.  : )

The “nailed it” meme is so hilarious.  I almost fell off my chair at these “17 Pinterest Fails” on BuzzFeed.

And no, I haven’t yet mustered up the energy to tackle my disaster muslin from last night.  I think its timeout will need to last at least another 24 hours.  I’ll get back to it eventually though – I really do want that dress!

[Left image credit: Butterick Patterns B5353]

This muslin is a hot mess

Turquoise and yellow muslin - front

My first muslin of Butterick 5353 was such a disaster that pretty much the only thing to do at this point is sit back, have a big glass of wine, and laugh at how ridiculous it is.  : )   I don’t often call my projects a hot mess, but this one definitely fits the bill!  Please excuse the awful photos in this post – I struggled so much with this stupid dress tonight that I didn’t have any energy left for decent photography.  Just please join me in maniacal laughter about how sewing projects can sometimes go very, very wrong.

There are many things that went horribly wrong with this muslin, but I think the main ones are as follows:

  • I cut this dress at least one size too big, as it is baggy absolutely everywhere.
  • I added too much length to the bodice.  Typically I add an inch at the shoulders and an inch at the waist, but it added up to way too much length in this case.  Pattern alternation FAIL.
  • Even taking into account the previous two bullets, the bodice is HUGE.  Do you see all that extra width (several inches on each side) under my arms?  WTF?!?!???
  • I suck at sewing princess seams (it was my first time doing this) and circular seams (ditto).  Curvy seams are not for beginners!

This dress makes me look like a triangle-shaped alien from a very unfashionable planet.  As LOLcats would say, I haz a sad.  😦

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