Etsy Global Craft Party!

01 Gather Here tea towelOn Friday night I went to the Etsy Global Craft Party at Gather Here, and it was AWESOME.  Loved it!  I guess the idea is to have parties all across the globe where people come together to make something and share their creative spirit, and that is exactly what we did.  This year’s project at Gather Here was to embroider silk screened tea towels, custom made by the fabulous Gather Here staff to represent all the different flavors of “making something.”  Above you can see a close up of the tea towel design, along with my one row of red stitching that took me the entire 2 hours to complete.   This is an EPIC embroidery project – it’s huge!  The party also included a ton of free food and beer, and it was so cool to meet awesome local crafters and chat about our hobby obsessions.  What a fun night!

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Cranking this embroidery OUT

01 Daisychain ABCs - V outsideMore outdoor embroidery!  : )  The only thing missing from this situation is a cold margarita freshly made by my own personal cabana boy.  Ahem.  : )  One day, ladies!

This weekend I put a decent amount of time into cranking out this Daisychain ABC sampler.  The end is so close… I can taste it!  Just a few more measly letters to go!  I had grand plans to buy a frame for the soon-to-be-finished piece this weekend, but I forgot like 3 different times.  Haha, oh well.  Next weekend perhaps.  For now, I’ve got U and V under my belt, with W well along its way.

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