Thank you for 3 great years!

Allspice Abounds 3-Year Blogiversary

Just a quick post today to say thank you for making Allspice Abounds such a friendly and welcoming place for me to share my crafty adventures.  🙂  Last week marked the 3-year anniversary of this blog, and it’s hard to believe how much time has already flown by!  I started this blog before I learned how to sew (hence the non-sewing-related name), and it took me a while to find my voice.  I’m still working on it, as we all are, but I like to think I’m making progress as the years tick by.

Since I don’t have the resources to finance a giveaway, which seems to be the usual way to celebrate blogiversaries, I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few old posts that make me laugh as I look back on them.  You know, those “what was I thinking??” posts.  🙂  When I started sewing, I really had no idea what I was doing, and this blog is great documentation of that!

What was I thinking?

Throwback #1: The very first garment I sewed was a knit dress pattern.  Of course, I completely ignored the fabric suggestions on the pattern and sewed it up in a woven.  Disaster was bound to ensue!  Check out this post in which I add a bunch of darts (with about a million pins) to try to make the dress fit, and then this post where I complain that the pattern didn’t fit me very well.  Ha!  Thankfully I’ve learned the difference between knits and wovens by now.  🙂

Throwback #2: In this post, I sewed a button-down shirt for my Dad with almost zero sewing experience under my belt.  And you know what, it came out pretty well!  I love how I threw caution to the wind and just went for it.

Throwback #3: I made a few ill-advised flat pattern adjustments to a Big 4 pattern, not knowing how much ease is already built in.  The result was a hilariously huge muslin.  Clearly, I nailed it.

Throwback #4: The EPIC PANTY FAIL of 2013.  Enough said.

Throwback #5: I learned my lesson in how to use busy prints.  This red zebra-striped Renfrew only got one wear out of the house and is now relegated to the pajama drawer.

I can’t help but wonder which of my more recent posts will be featured in a “what was I thinking?” list several years from now.  🙂

Anyway, thank you again for stopping by, reading, and being a part of this blog’s small but friendly community.  I have enjoyed interacting with other sewing bloggers so much over the years, and I have learned so much about our craft from all of your great projects!  It’s an honor to share my projects with you and contribute to such a diverse and passionate community.  Keep up the great work.  🙂