Caramel A-line skirt – finished!

Caramel A-line skirt - Simplicity 1717 - finished

Thanks to a stand-in camera that I’ve temporarily borrowed, today I can show you my finished caramel A-line skirt.  : )  Overall it’s really not bad, despite a few bumps in the road during construction, which I’ll tell you all about below.  My goal with this project was to sew another casual, neutral colored, fully lined skirt that I can wear to work with tights, and I definitely achieved that.  I can’t say that I’m crazy about this pattern, but it served its purpose.  Here’s to casual separates for my everyday wardrobe!

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Finished skirt and broken camera

Caramel a-line skirt previewI’ve got good news and bad news today, folks.  The good news is that I finished my caramel A-line skirt (Simplicity 1717) – woo hoo!  You can *kind of* see it in the photo above.  The bad news is that the photo above is the only photo I managed to take of this skirt, since my crappy old camera has finally died a miserable death.  So, a proper photo shoot will have to wait for another day.  Booo!

In the meantime, I have the following things to say about this roller coaster of a project:

  • The fit of this skirt is not “amazing,” despite it being part of Simplicity’s Amazing Fit line.
  • I spent four hours on Saturday unpicking seams, re-cutting pattern pieces, and putting it all back together… and I managed to upgrade the skirt from “awful” to “passable.”
  • Such a simple skirt shouldn’t have caused me so much grief!

Blargh!  I’m satisfied with the final fit, but there is definitely room for improvement.  I’ll get into all the details once I can take some decent photos.  For now, at least I have another static-free, neutral colored skirt to wear to work… and that makes me happy.  : )

I promise I’ll be back with a substitute camera soon… bear with me!

Caramel A-line skirt: in progress

Caramel a-line skirt - in progress - pattern envelope

I’ve been working on a simple A-line skirt with patch pockets, Simplicity 1717, View C (the shortest version).  Despite the simplicity of the pattern, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride so far.  As in, this stupid thing just won’t fit properly.  Blargh!!  You’d think such a simple design would fit without any issues!  But you would be wrong.  Oh, so wrong.

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