Stitches del Sol: Butterfly – finished!

Stitches del Sol - Butterfly - finished outsideWhat a quick little project!  : )  The pattern is from Stitches del Sol by SeptemberHouse, and it took me about a week (on and off during the evenings) to stitch it up.  I love the design and the color scheme, and I’m pretty happy with how the whole thing came out.  Yay for instant gratification!

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Stitches del Sol: Butterfly

Stitches del Sol - Butterfly startedI guess I have project ADD these days, because I started something new before finishing off my ABC sampler – oops.  : )  This is the butterfly pattern from Stitches del Sol by September House.  I did almost all of this embroidery tonight, which just goes to show what a quick little project this is turning out to be.  It was a good companion for tonight’s America’s Got Talent, which is pretty much blowing my mind at this point.  (You can tell there’s a lack of good summer TV when a show like this is capturing my full attention, haha.)

Stitches del Sol - Butterfly started - close upThe Stitches del Sol pattern contains four main designs, all with a southwestern/Mexican theme and all using only four colors.  I really like the look of it.  Perhaps one day I will actually stitch up all four patterns… but I’m not holding my breath considering my aforementioned project ADD.  : )

BTW, these photos were taken at night using my new light box.  I adjusted the exposure and temperature a bit, and the resulting colors are fairly true to life.  The color of the yellow background fabric is more true in the top photo – not sure why the close-up is so much lighter.  Still a lot to learn on this front!

Anyway, the new academic year is kicking off this week, and I’m happy to be wrapped up in all the excitement.  This will be my first semester without any classes (finally!), so I’m looking forward to it.

Hope you’re having a great week so far!