Summer Blazer Part 3: the reveal!

Summer Blazer by Allspice Abounds - Simplicity 2446 - front

After about a month of work, I’m thrilled to show you my finished Summer Blazer!

Summer Blazer by Allspice Abounds - Simplicity 2446 - showing lining

Isn’t she a beauty? ¬†ūüôā ¬†Made of breathable cotton and fully lined in silky Bemberg rayon, this light jacket is the perfect companion for summer days with just a hint of a cool breeze.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Simplicity 2446, a classic-cut, fully lined blazer in 2 lengths.  This is the cropped version, more or less.

Fabric: The shell is a medium weight cotton print, and the lining is Bemberg rayon (my absolute favorite lining fabric).

Modifications: A bunch of fitting alterations, made for my first blazer.  For this version, I chopped 4.5 inches off the hem but left all my other modifications in tact.

Level of crafty satisfaction: ¬†I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty smug about this one. ¬†ūüôā

Before I throw a bunch more photos at you, a few quick notes:

  • I wrote two in-progress posts about this blazer (Part 1 and Part 2), featuring close-up photos¬†of all the details and diving¬†into¬†construction and finishing techniques. ¬†Check them out for all the nitty-gritty.
  • For all my posts on Simplicity 2446, including my first blazer, click here.
  • The white fabric is a killer to photograph outdoors, but I’ve included some indoor shots at the end of this post so you can see the details of the print.

All right, it’s picture time!

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Summer Blazer Part 2: lapels and sleeve cuffs

Summer Blazer progress 2 - compilation

My Summer Blazer is moving right along! ¬†Today I have more in-progress photos for you, including construction of¬†the infamous notched collar and finishing the sleeve cuffs. ¬†I’ve been really enjoying working on this project and love all the detailed work, and I’m excited that this blazer is nearing the finish line! ¬†Pretty soon I’ll have a classy jacket to pair with all my summer skirts and dresses. ¬†: )

To recap, this is Simplicity 2446, a fitted, classic-cut blazer from the Amazing Fit series.  I cropped the length a bit compared to my previous version.  The jacket is constructed in a cotton print and fully lined in Bemberg rayon.

Like a proud mama, I took lots of photos of my baby.  Enjoy!

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Summer Blazer Part 1: cutting and assembly

Summer blazer progress 1 - compilation

After the plethora of Renfrews that have been popping up on this blog lately, I decided to switch gears a bit.  My next project is a bit more meaty, a bit more challenging, and quite a bit more exciting: a fully lined blazer!  YEAH BABY!!  : )  Can you feel the excitement??

Simplicity 2446 pattern art

I decided to revisit Simplicity 2446, a classic-cut, fully lined blazer in Simplicity’s¬†“Amazing Fit” series. ¬†And let me tell you, after an absolute saga of fitting adjustments that I had made for my first version of the blazer, I think the adjusted fit IS quite amazing. ¬†: ) ¬†It had better be after all that work, am I right?

I’ve been wearing my blue blazer a lot lately, and I always feel so classy in it. ¬†The only problem is that it’s quite long – perfect for wearing with slim-cut jeans (which is how I always wear it), but too long for wearing with skirts and dresses. ¬†I’d been dreaming of a white summer blazer for the last few months, so I decided to use my perfectly fitting pattern pieces to make a somewhat cropped version in a lighter color. ¬†I chopped off 4.5 inches from the hem, but kept everything else as-is. ¬†Summer Blazer, here I come!

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Blue polka dot blazer – finished!

Blue polka dot blazer - Simplicity 2446 - finished

I am absolutely thrilled to present my finished blue polka dot blazer!!! ¬†Ahhhh!!! ¬†: ) ¬†This project is truly my sewing masterpiece. ¬†It was a ton of work and took over a month to complete, and I’m so proud of myself for tackling (and completing!) a more complex and technically challenging garment. ¬†And not only did I finish it, but I think it looks awesome! ¬†I really couldn’t be happier with the final result. ¬†Woo hoo, yay blazers!!!

Project Stats:

Pattern: Simplicity 2446, classic tailored blazer.  I cut View A (longer version), size 12, A cup.

Fabric: Blue polka dot cotton; lining is an inexpensive polyester lining fabric.

Modifications: Lots of tweaks, summarized in the in-progress fitting posts. ¬†Major adjustments include adding length at the bust and waist (typical since I’m 5’8″), lengthening the sleeves (total of 2.25″ added!), letting out the back princess seams in the upper back for my wide shoulders, taking in the back princess seams in the lower back to define my waist, and finishing the lining with a hand-sewn and folded hem on the jacket and sleeves.

Level of crafty satisfaction: Super proud of this one!!  Feeling very smug and awesome.  : )

To see all the in-progress posts, including muslins, fitting, and construction, click here.  The individual posts contain more close up images and descriptions of the details of the blazer, including the lapels, hems, sleeve cuffs and vents, etc.

Simplicity 2446 pattern art

Lots more photos below – I always get carried away during these photo shoots! ¬†: ) ¬†(Please excuse the wet hair and lack of makeup. ¬†I’m lazy like that.)

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Blazer finishing details: buttons and hems

Blazer progress 3 - button

Time to put the finishing touches on this polka dot blazer! ¬†I have a few more in-progress photos for you today, showing off the buttons in their final locations (as you can see above) and how I finished the jacket and lining hems. ¬†Let’s dive in!

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Blazin’ along with this blazer!

Blazer progress 2 - shell and lining completed

This project is moving right along! ¬†I have a few more in-progress shots for you today, and, dare I say it, this baby is actually starting to look like a real blazer. ¬†I’m totally psyched. ¬†: )

Over the weekend I finished putting the lining pieces together, including setting in the sleeves and attaching the upper collar.  Look, I made 2 nearly identical jackets!  I love the look of a finished, fully lined garment, but it really is double the work.

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Blazer construction = sewing heaven

Blazer progress 1 - entire garment

Blazer construction is in full swing here at Chez Allspice, and let me tell you, this is quite an adventure! ¬†I’m so glad I decided to tackle a more challenging garment because I’m learning so much with each step. ¬†Sometimes it’ll take me an entire hour just to pin a seam, but eventually I’ll get that enlightening moment where I say to myself, “Aha! ¬†That’s what I’m supposed to be doing!” ¬†Don’t you just love it when you achieve sewing enlightenment? ¬†: )

I snapped a few in-progress shots to show you what I’ve been up to. ¬†Please excuse the graininess – I took these at night with my crappy camera. ¬†(My future fancy camera is only a PhD away, haha.)

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Cutting and interfacing and ironing, oh my!

Blazer pieces 1

This blazer is turning out to be quite an odyssey… and I haven’t even sewn a single seam yet! ¬†I finally finished cutting out all the pieces and applying all the interfacing, and man, that took forever. ¬†I didn’t keep track of the time super closely, but I think it was somewhere around 8 hours. ¬†Yup, EIGHT HOURS to cut and interface. ¬†Am I crazy, or is that a really long-ass time?? ¬†All I can say is that this f-ing blazer had better be fabulous after all this work, geez!!

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Fabric purchased for my blazer!

Fabric for blazerAfter much hemming and hawing at Gather Here, I finally decided on fabric for my blazer: navy with kelly green polka dots. ¬†Woo hoo!! ¬†I also decided, as per one of the pattern’s “amazing” recommendations, to add some piping along the inside of the jacket where the front facing meets the lining. ¬†I went with a jewel-toned pink and picked up some cotton cording. ¬†For the lining, I had purchased some cheapo black polyester lining at Grey’s Fabric & Notions last week, since I wanted a “low-pressure” fabric for my first attempt at working with slippery fabrics.

Now that the fabric has been purchased, this project is starting to feel like an actual garment sewing adventure instead of a never-ending exercise in tailoring and pattern adjustments. ¬†I’m getting excited!

Second muslin unpicked

Tonight I unpicked the second muslin and went over my adjusted seam lines in black marker, and tomorrow I’ll transfer the new seam lines to the paper pattern pieces. ¬†Then I will finally be able to start on the actual garment… can you believe it? ¬†I ordered this pattern on June 6, and now it’s August already! ¬†Between a crazy work schedule, all the fitting adjustments, and a bunch of staring at the muslins with a grumpy look on my face, it’s about time this project actually got moving.

As for the polka dot fabric, it satisfied my requirements going into the fabric store:

  • Not a solid color
  • Not black, brown, or gray
  • Dark-ish color
  • Subtle print, so as not to look like a human doily

Done and done! ¬†I can’t quite picture how the polka dots will look as a finished blazer, but I’ll see it for myself soon enough. ¬†Let the blazer construction begin! ¬†: )

Second blazer muslin: close enough?

Second blazer muslin - front 1

My second blazer muslin is complete! ¬†Well, it’s close enough anyway. ¬†I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of tweaking it, and I’m not sure how much better it’s going to get without a dress form or a second pair of hands to help. ¬†Fitting a tailored blazer on yourself is quite the challenge, apparently!

Despite all the awkward reaching around to my back, endless sewing and seam ripping, and lots of calming deep breaths, I think the final result is actually not too bad. ¬†It fits much better than the first muslin, and it’s more comfortable to move around in too. ¬†Success? ¬†Well… close enough. ¬†: )

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