Pondering Butterick 5602 version 2

Butterick 5602 pattern and leftover fabricI’ve been pondering making a second version of my black and white dress (Butterick 5602), and I think I’m about 95% confident (as they say in statistics, ha) that I’ll do it.  As you can see, I already have about half of the needed supplies (pattern, plenty of leftover lining fabric, and fusible interfacing), which in grad student terms means less money to spend on my next project.  In other words, I might was well go for it!  It’s just a matter of envisioning the exterior fabric and what kind of look I want to go for.  Oh, the possibilities.  : )

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Black and white dress: finished!

01 Butterick 5602 finishedTa-dah!!!  My finished black and white dress (Butterick 5602)!  : )  Not bad for my second garment from a commercial pattern!  Although there are a ton of little imperfections in this dress and I think I cut it a size too big (especially above the waist), overall I’m happy with the finished product.  It’s a tailored, classy dress for work or a nice dinner out.  Read on for close-ups of the neckline and zipper… and (gasp) a photo with my head in it.  : )

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Black and white dress: the end is near

01 Butterick 5602 previewHere’s a little sneak peek of my black and white dress (Butterick B5602), which I’m very happy to report is almost finished!  : )  It has been the perfect storm of dress construction these days, between a few slow days at the lab and the disgustingly humid weather here in Boston.  I’ve been happily sitting in the air conditioning and sewing away, with good results to boot.  There have been a few ups and downs with this project, especially because I’m still learning so much about garment construction, but I’ve been enjoying the process and think the finished product will be a success.

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Making progress, slowly but surely

01 Black and white dress - in progressThe black and white dress is moving along, slowly but surely!  I’m starting to realize that garment construction, at least for a beginner, is a very slooooow process.  However, despite the glacier-like pace of this project, I’ve been really enjoying both the sewing and the uphill climb of the learning curve.  I like to take on projects that will challenge me a bit, and this is all very new and challenging at this point.  : )  Above you can see the current state of the dress, with the print and lining sandwiched together.  I’m happy with the look of it so far, but I have a long way to go, including the black neckband and fixing some mistakes.

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Adjusting a pattern for tall shoulders

00 Shoulder adjustment close upWork has begun on my black and white dress, and one of the very first things to do was to adjust the pattern pieces in a few places where I know I’m going to have issues.  I added some length (about 4 inches) to the bottom of the dress because I know I want it to hit my knee, and I added 2 inches of length right at the waist to accommodate my long torso.  Both adjustments were pretty straightforward – just horizontally cut the pattern pieces and add length where needed.

But… what about my big shoulders?  Oh universe, why must you strike me with your vengeful wrath???  Haha, I guess big shoulders aren’t that bad; it’s just more of a challenge to make adjustments in such a tricky area.  With the caveat that I’m totally making this up as I go along, I’ll show you what I did.

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And the winner is…

Butterick B5602

Butterick 5602!  With the clear shaping lines and the instructions for lining the dress, I figured this would be a good next project for me.  I can learn a few new skills and continue to practice altering patterns, and hopefully I’ll wind up with a sexy finished product.  : )

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