A turquoise and yellow bodice

Turquoise and yellow dress - bodie front

Finally, I’m actually putting this dress together!  The bodice is mostly complete at this point… isn’t it pretty?  : )  I haven’t started on the skirt yet (which will be all turquoise), but that’s next on the list.  For now, I’m enjoying oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over my finished bodice.  Yay, actual progress is being made!  No more f-ing muslins!!

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Blueberry crush dress: long-awaited progress

Blueberry crush dress - Butterick 5602 - neckband with pins

After buying the fabric and cutting out the pieces in August (!!!), I finally have some progress to report on my hot-mama blueberry crush dress (Butterick 5602).  (BTW, have I mentioned how much I love this color combination?)  : )  The pattern is a relatively simple shift dress, but it’s a good opportunity for a sewing novice like me to practice some basic skills.  For example, above you can see the pink neckband ready to be sewn… using about a million pins to hold it in place.  I need the security of lots of pins, people!  An accomplished sewist once told me that the more you sew, the fewer pins you use.  Clearly I’m still in the beginning stages, haha.

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Finishing an armhole with bias tape

Finished bias tape armholeWondering how to finish the armhole of your sleeveless garment?  Bias tape!  I am in awe of its magical powers, seriously.  I used this tutorial over at Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing to finish the armholes of my red polka dot dress, and it worked fabulously.  Thanks Amanda!  (BTW, her blog is filled with amazing handmade garments – go check it out!)  This was my first attempt at using bias tape  and my first time finishing armholes, so needless to say, it was a bit of an adventure.  However, I’m happy to report that it was a success.  Awesome!  Here’s what I did:

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