Aqueduct Quilt – finished!

Aqueduct Quilt - finished

My Aqueduct Quilt is finally finished, hooray!  This was a really fun and rewarding project, from the initial sketches through fabric selection, piecing, and quilting.  It took me about nine months from start to finish (with a long period of inactivity in the middle), but I’m glad I persevered and finally finished it.

You can read all about the design and sewing process in my series of in-progress posts.

And now, onto the photos!

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A whirlwind May

Three t-shirts from jersey scraps

Where did the entire month of May go?  I remember it being April, then I blinked, and now it’s June.  I purposely didn’t participate in Me-Made-May this year because I knew my schedule was going to be insane, but I really enjoyed following along with all your posts and pictures.  So what was I up to?  Lots of work, lots of travel, and yes, even some sewing.  🙂

Just this weekend I sewed up three quick t-shirts, the colorful array you see above.  These tops may be “boring as hell” (one of my new favorite phrases), but they’re perfect for wearing to work in the summer.  These tops were a total stash bust.  I used random scraps of cotton jersey leftover from other projects and managed to patch together 3 functioning garments.  The colorblocking was more of a necessity than a design decision given the size of my scraps, but I think they came out ok.  The pattern is my hacked Renfrew (I made 3 identical tops last summer), and the fabric is all Laguna jersey.  Each top uses <1 yard of fabric.

This was the best photo I could get on a very gloomy and rainy Sunday afternoon.  My motivation for taking photos of myself for the blog has evaporated lately, so you’ll just have to imagine them on me.

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Aqueduct Quilt: machine quilting

Quilting the Aqueduct Quilt - quilt sandwich

My Aqueduct Quilt has reached that critical, insanity-inducing stage: the quilting.  Cue the foreboding music and evil cackling!  Thankfully, due to its diminutive size, machine quilting this beast hasn’t been nearly as bad as quilting my Tulip Quilt, which was pretty much a nightmare.  Truth be told, I’ve actually been enjoying it.  More accurately, I enjoyED it, meaning that I quilted the whole damn thing last weekend!  Hooray!!!

Due to my ongoing work-related stress and general grumpiness during the week, I’ve been a sewing MACHINE over the weekends lately.  I just sew and sew and drown myself in my own little world of fabric, needle, and thread, and only reluctantly emerge on Sunday evenings.  I don’t know how many hours I’ve sunk into this small quilt, but it’s been A LOT.  Also, quilting uses up a ton of thread.  Way more than garment sewing.  I’ve been burning through spools of thread like crazy.  I often think of thread as basically free, but the cost can add up when you’re blowing through so much of it!

Anyway, let’s take a look at all my glorious quilting, shall we?

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Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the back

Aqueduct Quilt - quilt top and back together

It was a three-day weekend here in Boston to accommodate all the hoopla associated with the Boston Marathon earlier today, which means that I basically sewed for three days straight.  Not complaining.  🙂  It also means that I made a ton of progress on my Aqueduct Quilt!  I’ve been obsessed with this project lately and have enjoyed the opportunity to let it take over my life for a few days.  In other words, I’ve been in sewing heaven.

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Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the quilt top

Aqueduct Quilt in progress 2 - finished quilt top

Roman aqueduct in Segovia

Work continues on my Aqueduct Quilt!  This quilt was inspired by my trip to Spain last fall, and in particular by our stop in Segovia to see this truly awe-inspiring Roman aqueduct in the heart of the old city.  I absolutely loved seeing this ancient structure and thought the stones of the arches would translate nicely into patchwork.  Hence, a quilt was born.  🙂

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Aqueduct Quilt in progress

Aqueduct quilt in progress 1 - on table

Inspired by my trip to Spain, I started a small quilt to commemorate one of my favorite sights from the trip: the Roman aqueduct in Segovia.  I was a civil engineering major in college, and even though I no longer practice in that field, I’m still fascinated by large structures like this, both historic and modern.  I had been flipping through some modern quilting books in my local bookstore and was inspired to improvise my own design.  Above you can see the quilt top in progress – I’m quite pleased with it so far!  🙂

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