Fashion embroidery progress #1: ooh la la legs

Fashion embroidery progress 1 - full view

Work on my vintage McCall’s 8680 embroidery has begun!  I don’t have much progress to show just yet, but I’m happy with the way it’s coming along so far.  The illustration on the pattern envelope was just so fabulous – how could it go wrong?  : )

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Tree of Life Embroidery, version 2 – finished!

Tree of Life Embroidery - versions 1 and 2 together

My second Tree of Life Embroidery is finally finished!  Above you can see Version 2 alongside the original, larger, and more colorful Version 1 (blogged here).  Not a bad pair.  : )  This June has been so busy and crazy that crafting time has essentially evaporated, but I managed to crank out this small project on a series of flights and layovers this past weekend.  Yay for forced downtime!

The pattern is from Polka and Bloom, a great Etsy shop with a variety of really colorful and intricate embroidery patterns.  I enjoyed this one so much that I stitched it twice!  Enough said.  : )

Below are some not-so-great photos that attempt to show the details of the stitching.  My apologies once again for my super crappy camera.  Perhaps one day I’ll win the lottery and buy a new one, ha.

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Slightly more embroidery progress

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 3Progress is slow but steady on my Tree of Life embroidery (Etsy pattern here).  Warm summer weather is just not very conducive to sitting at home with my crafts!  Nevertheless, I’ve really been enjoying the few moments I spend with this project here and there.

This embroidery is kind of wonky since I traced the pattern at night with almost zero light coming through the window (not great when you’re using the window as a light box!), but hopefully the unevenness won’t be too noticeable in the finished project.  I’m planning to do most of the embroidery in red as you can see above, with a few yellow accents here and there.  Hopefully I’ll actually finish it one day.  : )

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Tree of Life embroidery (and a vacation!)

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 2

With the arrival of warmer weather and sunshine, it seems that indoor sewing has taken a backseat to a more portable, outdoor-friendly activity — embroidery.  Funny how this seems to happen every summer!  I started up another version of Polka and Bloom’s Tree of Life pattern, which I had stitched up last year in a larger, more colorful version.

Tree of Life embroidery version 2 - in progress 1

I had a nice afternoon of outdoor embroidery, accompanied by my Cat’s Meow tote bag and my pink floral pleated skirt.  Craftiness galore!

VacationIn other news, I just got back from an awesome vacation at Mohonk Mountain House resort in New Paltz, NY.  It was my first time there, and I would *very* highly recommend it to anyone in the NY area.  There were tons of fun activities to keep us busy, and the food was amazing.  We had a blast!!

Now that I’m back in the real world, I assume regular blogging will resume.  Hope you all had a great week!

Nutcracker embroidery – 2 finished projects

Sugar Plum Fairy embroidery (The Floss Box) Clara embroidery (The Floss Box)

Two finished embroidery projects, both from the Nutcracker pattern series by The Floss Box (via Etsy). Top: Sugar Plum Fairy embroidery.  Bottom: Clara embroidery, including winter/holiday scene.  I just love how they both came out!  : )

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Clara embroidery – in progress

Clara embroidery in progress (Floss Box)A whimsical holiday-themed embroidery project!  I started this Nutcracker-themed embroidery featuring Clara (how cute is she?) a few weeks ago using a fantastic pattern from The Floss Box on Etsy.  I finally finished Clara herself, so I figured this was a good time to snap a photo.  : )  I really love how everything is coming out so far!

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The first red and yellow circle

Stitches del Sol - progress - yellow circle - closeupI’ve made a little more progress on my Stitches del Sol “swirly surface,” most notably the addition of the first red and yellow circle inside the swirly vine.  I’m pretty happy with it!

Stitches del Sol - progress - yellow circleI’ve also started another vine that extends down to the bottom of the piece.  La la la, lots of leaves to go…

Blogging time is short this week, so that’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope you’re having a good week!  : )

More Stitches del Sol and an upgraded lightbox

Stitches del Sol surface - Day 1 closeupI started another little project today – the “swirly surface” (as I have decided to call it) from the Stitches del Sol pattern series by SeptemberHouse.  I think the pattern is a good combination of adorable and funky, and I love the color scheme of all these patterns.  In particular, I’m totally digging the red on blue here.  I traced the pattern using a heat-sensitive white marker from Clover with the fabric and pattern taped up to the window – not the most fun part of a project, but kind of necessary!  I hope I stick with this project because I’d really love to see it all finished and up on the wall.  As usual, I’m not holding my breath.  : )

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Daisychain ABC sampler – finished!

01 Daisychain ABCs finished - coverTa-dah!  My finished Daisychain ABC sampler!!!  : )  Pattern by the lovely Posie: Rosy Little Things.

This was quite the project, let me tell you.  The entire two seasons of Downton Abbey and hours of 90s alternative on Pandora went into this baby.  Many finger pricks from sharp needles, endless tangled threads, and even a stray piece of thread that I’m pretty sure my cat ingested at some point (still waiting for it to come out).  I learned a bunch of new stitches and got a ton of practice getting things just right.  I cursed the pattern as “too tiny” and “too intricate” but persevered throughout my frustrations.  I dropped the project for a few months and came back to it with renewed enthusiasm.  It traveled to San Francisco and Montreal and endured airport layovers and cramped mid-flight stitching.  It is truly my embroidery masterpiece, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  : )

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Stitches del Sol: Butterfly – finished!

Stitches del Sol - Butterfly - finished outsideWhat a quick little project!  : )  The pattern is from Stitches del Sol by SeptemberHouse, and it took me about a week (on and off during the evenings) to stitch it up.  I love the design and the color scheme, and I’m pretty happy with how the whole thing came out.  Yay for instant gratification!

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