Teaching my second craft class: Intro to crochet

Crochet class 1

Part of the reason for my recent sewing break has been a little bit of teaching: my second craft class!  One of the participants from my sewing class in January asked me to host a crochet version for a campus organization she’s involved in, and of course I said yes.  : )

Preparing for this class was WAY less work than for the sewing version, mostly because there weren’t dozens of tiny samples to cut, sew, and label.  All I had to do was get some yarn and crochet hooks (which we wound up getting for free from the university – score!) and put together some simple instructions.  The hardest part was reminding myself how to crochet – it had been a while! – but it all worked out well, thankfully.

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Crocheted granny square slippers

Granny square slippers - 2 pairs

I’ve been taking a little break from sewing lately, and instead I picked up an old friend that I can hang out with while relaxing on the couch in post-work exhaustion: crochet.  Do you ever feel like sewing is such an active hobby?  Lately all I feel like doing after work in the evenings is curling up on the couch like a big blob.  But I still want to do something… so out came the yarn.  : )

These crocheted foot coverings are the Purl Bee‘s Granny Square Slippers, a cute little pattern to wrap your feet in handmade warmth and coziness.  I had made a pair for myself (the pink/purple/yellow version) several years ago and just recently unearthed them from the depths of my knitting bin.  John noticed them in my apartment last week and humbly requested a pair for himself… and who am I to refuse such a request?  So I whipped up the men’s version (maroon/blue/gray) over the past few evenings.  Quick and easy!

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Granny circle placemats: finished!

Granny circle placemats - finished

All done!  Two wonderfully pastel Granny Circle Placemats to brighten up my teeny tiny apartment.  I couldn’t be more pleased with them!  : )  I had finished the blue/green one a while back, and I just wrapped up the coral edge on the pink one last night.  I soaked them in water for a bit to flatten them out, blocked them on my kitchen counter overnight, and voila!  Dry, flat, and all ready for me to eat dinner off of them tonight.  I can’t wait!  Now the question is: which one should I use first?

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Good food needs a good placemat

Granny circle placement pink

Believe it: I’m crocheting a placemat.  Not any old placemat, but the Granny Circle Placemat from the Purl Bee, my favorite blog for gorgeous crafty inspiration.  Never in my life did I think that I’d be this excited about crocheting a placemat, but here I am.  Love this!  Oooooooh the love for this placemat knows no bounds.  I wish I could frolic through a meadow full of dandelions and dance in slow motion with my half-finished placemat.  I want to sing it love songs and make it a fancy dinner.  I want to roll around naked in a sea of crocheted placemats.  Haha, that might be pushing it, but you get the idea.  : )

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