I'm Carolyn. Welcome to Allspice Abounds!

Welcome!  I’m Carolyn, a full-time university professor and part-time sewing and crafting fanatic.  During the day I’m busy teaching classes and doing scientific research, but in my spare time I’m working my way toward a “handmade home.”

I enjoy sewing my own clothes and love the idea of creating my own style in well-fitting garments.  I often sew modern, practical separates that fit into my active, urban lifestyle.  I also enjoy quilting, embroidery, knitting, coloring, and sketching.

I currently live in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.  After many years of living in a tiny apartment in Boston, I am thrilled to be sewing and crafting in my own dedicated sewing room!  I live with my cat, my Bernina (and Baby Lock!), and just enough fabric to keep me going.

Maggie lounging on desk chair

Maggie thinks sewing is pretty cool, but she prefers running around like a lunatic in the middle of the night and sticking her butt in my face.  She is my official “sewing supervisor” and oversees all aspects of this blog.  🙂

Contact Info

Email: AllspiceAbounds AT gmail DOT com


I am not currently interested in corporate sponsorship or partnerships.

Check out my Finished Project Gallery

Finished Project Gallery

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to say hello while you’re here!  🙂

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Allspice Abounds blogging philosophy

The world of sewing blogs is changing rapidly, evolving and growing as sewing becomes more popular and more accessible.  In the interest of transparency, I’d like to clearly state my blogging philosophy for Allspice Abounds:

Objective: This is my personal blog where I share my creative projects, most of which revolve around garment sewing, but may also include other forms of sewing, quilting, knitting and crochet, embroidery, and other crafts.  This blog is purely an extension of my hobby, and I have no plans to turn my sewing/crafting into a business.  I have a full-time job outside of sewing that I genuinely enjoy and that pays the bills.

Content: I do my best to share original, honest, relevant, interesting, and technical sewing content, within the limitations of my free time, resources, and budget.

Not-for-profit: I do not spend or make any money on this blog, with the exception of (a) my own money that I use to purchase supplies and equipment for my own personal use, and (b) a small fee that I pay to WordPress.com to keep this site ad-free.

Partnerships: I am a completely independent blogger and intend to stay that way.  You will not find any of the following on this blog:

  • Corporate sponsorships or partnerships.
  • Membership in a corporate blogging network.
  • Advertisements.  Any retail links in my sidebar are chosen by me simply because I enjoy shopping at those retailers.
  • Affiliate links.
  • Sponsored content.
  • Sponsored projects (e.g., free fabric or patterns in exchange for a review).
  • Sponsored book reviews (e.g., free books in exchange for a review).
  • Corporate-sponsored giveaways.
  • Any content that is not 100% created by me or appropriately credited to the original author.

Links: I will never try to sell you anything on this blog.  Any links to products are simply for reference (e.g., linking to a pattern or fabric source that I used for a project, purchased with my own money) or to share products that I genuinely enjoy, have purchased with my own money, and am linking to of my own accord.

My intention in sharing this is not to criticize others for promoting or monetizing their blogs.  Quite the contrary, in fact: I’ve found a bunch of great products through various sponsored posts and giveaways, and bloggers who make a living from their sewing are basically living the dream!  Instead, my aim is simply to be transparent about my personal motivation behind this blog.  This space is my personal creative outlet, and simply stated, I don’t want anyone else telling me what to do with it.  🙂

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My first time here and you are my kind of gal! Just printed the quilt and love it.Must finish a couple other things and then it is a go. I repair sewing machines, so can’t sew all the time.Love it. thank you so much.


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