Why can I never finish a coloring page??

Ivy treasure map - progress 1a

Seriously, why can I never finish a coloring page?  Is it because they are all so incredibly detailed that coloring a handful of leaves takes me all afternoon?  Is it that I’m afraid of “ruining” my beautiful books by attempting to color them when I’m not 100% on top of my coloring game?  Is it that all my crafty hobbies take forever because I always get caught up in the details and make things as difficult for myself as possible?

Isn’t coloring supposed to be relaxing after all?  Hmmm…  🙂

Anyway, even though I can never actually finish a page, and I have enough coloring pages to last me several lifetimes (ahem), I have been working on a couple of pages here and there and enjoying the process.  Above is a half-finished page from Johanna Basford’s Ivy and the Inky Butterfly, which is a gorgeous book.  I just love Johanna’s work.  Have I read the entire story several times over as I’m falling asleep at night, only to dream of enchanted wonderlands all night long?  Well… maybe.  Who can remember these things…  🙂

Ivy treasure map - progress 1b

Above is a close-up showing my favorite part of the page (and the part that look the longest to color) – the treasure map!  I tried to make the paper look old around the edges, and I’m pretty happy with how that part came out.  Now I’m getting to the top part where there are all sorts of jewels and other shiny objects, which are kind of a pain to color.  I find it is really hard to color shiny objects realistically.  Hence abandoning this page and starting a new one!

I chose this new page in Johanna’s World of Flowers last weekend:

Flower pot shelf - progress 1b

This will be my second page in this book, which is just as gorgeous as Johanna’s other books.  I specifically chose this page because I thought it wasn’t too busy, and therefore I might actually finish it within the next 10 years or so.  Fingers crossed.

I’ve only colored a few pots and leaves so far, but I think it’s coming along nicely.  I’m fairly pleased with how the shelf came out, although I think I still have such a long way to go before any of my coloring looks truly realistic.  At least it’s a good way for me to unwind after a stressful week.

Flower pot shelf - progress 1c

Not surprisingly, I have been fairly stressed out lately with everything that is going on, as I imagine you have been as well.  I teach at a university in which all classes have now moved online, which has meant a substantial increase in my workload to completely overhaul my classes.  Thankfully, I am extremely fortunate to have a stable job that I can perform safely from my home, so although I am busy, I am very grateful to be in a safe and stable environment right now.  I sincerely hope you are staying safe and healthy as well.

Any predictions on when I will finish either of these pages?  Or I will I get bored and move onto a new page in another few weeks??  🙂

One thought on “Why can I never finish a coloring page??

  1. Hi Carolyn!! Your pages are gorgeous ! I have many many ufo’s around here so I am not help. A tip on rendering reflective objects… if you look at the point of reflection, it is almost completely white! Think about what direction the light would be hitting them and have all the reflective bits facing the same direction!
    Oh, and have fun, yes this is supposed to be fun not stressful


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