Modern Makers Club quilt – blocks 1-21

Modern Makers Club - blocks 1-16

Hello out there!  Is anyone still reading blogs??  I haven’t updated this blog in about 2 years (!!!), but today I decided to dust it off and drop in for an update.  🙂  Sewing and crafting time has been scarce since moving to Minnesota and starting my new job, but I’ve been trying to squeeze things in here and there.

A few weekends ago I dug out my Modern Makers Club quilt that I started with the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild in 2018.  I had pieced 16 out of 36 blocks before I moved, and I just recently I pieced another 5.  These blocks are all pretty fiddly and labor intensive, so the process is pretty slow.  To top things off, the pattern instructions are not great (to put it nicely), so I’ve been doing the math for each block myself.

The good news is that I still love how this quilt is turning out!  I’m using all Kona cotton solids with a black background, inspired by a photo of an Amish-inspired quilt that I saw in a book a few years ago.  I’m also adding a little sliver of white to each block, which I think gives the blocks a nice highlight.  I chose really bright colors (as usual), and I love the eye-searing effect.  🙂

Here are some close-ups of the blocks I have so far:

Blocks 1-4:Modern Makers Club - Blocks 1-4Blocks 5-8:

Modern Makers Club - blocks 5-8Blocks 8-13: I sewed these at the 2018 Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild retreat.  I miss those retreats so much!!

Modern Makers Club - blocks 8-13

The diamond block on the bottom right is all paper pieced and took FOREVER.

Blocks 14-16: The circles came out terribly; I need to re-do these.Modern Makers Club - blocks 14-16

Block 17: I just sewed this one last weekend.

Modern Makers Club - block 17

Blocks 18-21: Completed last weekend and this weekend.

Modern Makers Club - blocks 18-21

I accidentally forgot to put a white highlight in a few of the blocks – can you tell which ones?  Oops!!  Sometimes the blocks are so persnickety that I am so focused on not screwing them up, and I only remember to add the white once it’s too late.  🙂

That’s it for now, but I’m excited about this project again and hope to sew more blocks in the near future.

If you are still reading this blog, hello!!  I hope you are well, and happy sewing!

13 thoughts on “Modern Makers Club quilt – blocks 1-21

  1. Hi Carolyn! Welcome back! I’ve had a lay-off too, posted this weekend for the first time in a year. Hope we can both keep it up, I used to love keeping up with your sewings-on. x


  2. Ok, that last comment did not go entirely as planned… but yes, I am still reading and occassionally blogging.
    I love the addition of white to the blocks!


  3. Yay! So glad to see you back blogging!! I think the touch of white is brilliant! The blocks look great. Love reading blogs ! They never went away for me! Now if I could just post to my own…


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