Triangle challenge in the making

Triangle challenge started - chevron layout

This past weekend I started playing around with half-square triangles in an attempt to participate in the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild’s upcoming Triangle Challenge.  Essentially the challenge is to create a quilt that is composed primarily of triangles – sounds fun to me!  There is also a “bonus level” in which you can make your quilt monochromatic, but let’s face it, I don’t think I could ever make a monochromatic quilt.  I love bright colors too much.  🙂

Charm packs

For my challenge project, I started with two charm packs (pre-cut stacks of 5 inch squares) that I got from Missouri Star Quilt Company a few months ago.  The fabric is from Joel Dewberry’s Wander and Modernist collections, on the middle right and bottom right in the photo above.  I’ll save the other charm packs – batiks and awesome parrot fabric (!) – for another project.

After deliberating for a while on what kind of triangles I wanted to use, I decided to keep it simple with half-square triangles (HSTs).  I’m using this method to sew two HSTs at a time.  The charms are 5 inches square, which leaves a little wiggle room to trim the HSTs down to 4.5 inches (unfinished).  The finished HSTs will be 4 inches once they’re all sewn together.

I also made a bold move (bold for me, anyway!) and decided to pair up the prints with black, white, and gray solids.  I think this will make the quilt really modern and graphic.

Now comes the fun part – making a million triangles and playing with the layout.  The options are seemingly endless!  I tried out a few layouts last night and have a feeling there are many more to come.  The first photo in this post uses big chevrons, which I quite like.  Below are a few more potential options.

Random diamond layout:

Triangle challenge started - random layout

Gradient diamond layout:

Triangle challenge started - gradient diamond layout

“Broken dishes” layout (similar to the classic “broken dishes” quilt block):

Triangle challenge started - grouped layout

I have my favorites, but I reserve the right to change my mind later.  🙂

Have you ever made a quilt with all triangles?  Any suggestions for alternate layouts?

10 thoughts on “Triangle challenge in the making

    • Thanks Debbie! I think the bold solids could form a really interesting design… now to figure out exactly what the design should be! I’ll probably be playing around with them for a while.


  1. I’m in for the gradient diamond as well! I did a HST quilt last year, it was a free online quilt-along through Blossom Heart Quilts, 2 blocks per month (I ended up making an extra so I could have a quilt that is 5×5 sis). It was fascinating to work with the triangles and see what different patterns emerge. Now to actually sew the blocks all together and make up the quilt LOL (and I have two more hst quilt projects in the works eek!) How large is your quilt going to be?


    • I just looked up that Modern HST Sampler on Instagram – how awesome!! I love all the different designs – good inspiration for layout ideas. 🙂 I hope you sew your blocks together and share pictures – I want to see!!

      I’m not yet sure how large my triangle quilt will be. I tend to keep making blocks until I declare it “big enough.” I like my quilts to be usable, so it will probably be at least lap size.


  2. I love the gradient diamond! I made an equilateral quilt for our bed a few years ago. It was difficult! I worried the bias cut edges will get distorted while working on it. Also we work with a metric system while my quilting ruler is in inches so it took hours to calculate the amount and sized I needed. My favourite part of quilting is the actual quilting – I love free motion quilting so making the quilt top was just a step on the way to my favorite part 🙂


    • Oh my gosh, that sounds like an epic project!! I recently tried a few equilateral triangles for the first time, and I agree they are not easy to work with! I love the finished look though, so I hope you feel that all your effort was worth it. 🙂

      I’m envious of your love of quilting. I do enjoy the quilting process, but it’s my least favorite part. I think I just need a bigger/better setup for quilting large quilts at home. Do you have any tips for making the process go more smoothly?


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