More Noodlehead Petal Pouches


I have a quick project to share today: more Noodlehead Petal Pouches.  I sewed two of these pouches for my swap partner for the recent SewBoston event, and during the event itself, I sewed these two for myself.  Yay!

I really like this pattern, as it makes a nice size bag (these are the larger size), is well designed, and is a great excuse to use up fun fabric scraps.  They only take a few hours each to sew, and you get a fun and functional bag as a result.  When you’re slogging through a large project, the pouches make a great palette cleanser.  🙂


First up, a fall-colored bag in a fun brown swan print with a bright orange lining.noodlehead-petal-pouches-denim-and-pink-pouch

Next, a more utilitarian bag in some denim (leftover from this Moss mini skirt) with a magenta buck-print lining.noodlehead-petal-pouches-invisible-zipper-installation

Both bags feature a peach invisible zipper because they were the only zippers I had on hand.  Granted, a regular zipper would have been better here, but the invisible zippers still get the job done.  At least the peach matches well with the swan fabric.noodlehead-petal-pouches-standing-up

Now, what should I put in my fun new pouches?  🙂

8 thoughts on “More Noodlehead Petal Pouches

    • Thanks Anna! I hope you make some. It’s a quick and fun project, and although the pattern in simple, it’s well thought-out. Both ends of the zipper come out nice and tidy, and everything lines up perfectly.


    • Thanks Linda! I’m glad to hear you had a good experience with Noodlehead patterns too. This was the first one I tried, and now I’m tempted to make a bigger tote or purse. You can tell Anna puts a lot of thought into the patterns.

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