Noodlehead Petal Pouches for SewBoston swap


First of all, thank you for all your support and thoughtful comments on my previous post about Colette.  I write posts like this fairly often and never publish them, but this latest debacle was so egregious that I felt compelled to pull the trigger.  I’m glad to see that the sewing community is moving toward more open and honest feedback, and I hope this trend continues.

This past weekend I attended the first SewBoston, an all-day regional sewing retreat hosted by the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild.  It was such a wonderful day!  As part of the retreat, I participated in a “sewing room organization” themed swap and whipped up a pair of Noodlehead Petal Pouches for my swap partner.  This was my first time using a Noodlehead pattern, and I was really pleased with both the instructions and the design of the pouch.  It was obvious that Anna put a lot of thought into what otherwise would have been a very simple pattern.  Everything fit together beautifully, and I was particularly pleased with the neat finish on each end of the zipper.

This was also my first time making a zipper pouch (how had I not tried this before??), so I was a little nervous about making a well-constructed item for my swap partner.  Not to mention that my partner happened to be the president of the guild!  No pressure.  🙂


Despite my nerves, I think both pouches came out pretty nicely.  The first one has an “under the sea” theme with a printed whale canvas on the outside and a coral print on the inside.  Funny story: After I sewed this pouch, I proudly showed it to John to get his opinion.  After about 3 seconds he said, “The whales are upside down.”  I figured he was just joking.  Then I grabbed the pouch, stared at it, and realized “OMG THE WHALES ARE UPSIDE DOWN!”  I was so careful with print placement and seriously thought this was right side up.  Apparently I get an F in whale anatomy.  At that point I didn’t have enough fabric to re-cut the pouch, so it is what it is!


Thankfully I don’t think the second pouch has any major flaws.  🙂  It has a geometric theme with a diamond-print canvas on the outside and a Cotton & Steel print on the inside.  If you look closely, you can see in the photo above that I sewed the opening in the bottom of the lining closed by hand.  I figured a fellow sewist would notice the extra detail.  Other than that, the pouches are very simple – no pockets or anything.  Just a basic pouch for holding notions, thread, or other treasures.

As I mentioned earlier, the zipper ends came out nicely at both the opening and closing ends.  Here’s a close up of the closing end with a fabric zipper tab that fits snugly into the corner of the pouch.noodlehead-petal-pouches-for-sewboston-side-by-side

Overall I had so much fun making these pouches that I wound up making two more for myself during the retreat!  They aren’t quite finished yet, but I’ll take some pictures next weekend.

In other news, my trench coat has been neglected for a few weeks due to a trip to California and other various weekend obligations.  This project is no longer portable, and I only have time to work on it during weekends.  However, it is moving along!  The shell is almost fully assembled, and I’m almost ready to join all 3 layers around the lapels and front facing.  Hopefully I’ll have more progress to report next week.

Have a great week, and happy sewing!

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