Rainbow raspberry kiss quilt top

Rainbow raspberry kiss quilt top in progress

After much indecision, here’s what I came up with!  Still a rainbow, but not as linear as my initial arrangement.  I added more warm blocks to better balance out the cools, and I mixed the blocks up a bit so the color transitions wouldn’t be too harsh.  If I’m honest, I’m not 100% happy with it, but I am NOT ripping out any seams at this point!

One thing I learned during this exercise is that I wasn’t born with an eye for color arrangement.  Getting that perfect mix and balance is really hard!  I admire people who are good at this, and I hope to get better with more practice.  There are few things in life that can’t be learned, right?

Raspberry kiss quilt - seams pressed open

Here’s a close up of the back.  The internal seams of the blocks are pressed to one side (to the darks whenever possible), and the seams connecting the blocks are pressed open to avoid bulk at the points.  All seam allowances are 1/4 inch.  There are approximately a million loose threads stuck all over this quilt top, but hopefully I’ll catch them all during basting!

I’m debating adding a thin white border around the edges, for two reasons: (a) to give the blocks a bit of room to “float,” and more importantly (b) to give myself a little wiggle room during basting and quilting.  Maybe it’s just my lack of quilting skill, but having only 1/4 inch seam allowances on the edge of the quilt often results in uneven edges for me.  I feel like the quilt top shrinks a bit during quilting, and it’s nice to have a little more fabric along the edges to compensate.

By the way, this quilt is huge.  It’s currently about 74″ x 90″, without the border or binding.  I don’t know where/how I’m going to baste it…. so suggestions are welcome!  I may have to use the huge table at Gather Here for this beast.

Will keep you posted!

20 thoughts on “Rainbow raspberry kiss quilt top

  1. I think the arrangement is fab, I love the way the colours change as the go outwards and the they start off centre, it’s wonderful, I always add a border but no idea on how to baste it as its huge, mine are usually much smaller.


  2. I love this arrangement!
    When I basted my last quilt I moved all the furniture from the living room and basted on the floor. I used quilting pins (they have a slight curve) which were a dramatic improvement compared with regular safety pins. I rolled the quilt and managed to push it under the machine. As long as you have enough pins it will be fine!

    What are you planning for the quilting? Free motion or stitching in the ditch?


    • Thanks Roni! I have those curved quilting pins and love them. I debated doing the same thing as you – moving the furniture in the dining room – but have a feeling it would be bad for my back! I may need to use the huge table at my local fabric store. I haven’t decided on the quilting pattern yet and am thinking about renting out the longarm at my local shop. It would be fun to learn!


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