Amidst chaos, there is sewing

Raspberry kiss - green blocks during assembly

Amidst the chaos that seems to define the most recent events in world news, American politics, and my day-to-day life, there has been sewing.  Calming, peaceful, and focused sewing.  Do you sew to drown out the chaos?  I know I do.  It works pretty well, at least temporarily.  🙂

Raspberry kiss - new colors Raspberry kiss - piecing the x

Raspberry kiss - rotary cutter and mat

Raspberry kiss - yellow and orange blocks during assembly Raspberry kiss - partially assembled yellow and orange blocks Raspberry kiss - assembling orange blocks Raspberry kiss - piecing yellow blocks Raspberry kiss - piecing the triangles

I’ve been putting a pin at the very end of these seams to keep that little triangle from squirming out of place.  You can see it in the photo above.  Below, you can see how close I get to that pin with the needle before I carefully pull it out.  With 1/4 inch seams that only cover one set of the feed dogs, these little pieces can be hard to control!  That last pin makes a big difference.
Raspberry kiss - pin at very end of seam Raspberry kiss - stack of finished blocks Raspberry kiss - 72 blocks and counting

With 72 completed blocks, I guess I’m making a quilt.  Not sure why this took me so long to figure out.

Have a great day, everyone.  When you encounter chaos in the world, just shove some sewing at it.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Amidst chaos, there is sewing

  1. A quilt it is them – I’m loving those fabrics – especially the purple….and yes sewing is a great escape method when you just don’t want to hve to deal with humanity (or the lack thereof)…


  2. I’ve put sewing on hold while I finish the BL**@^ thesis. I may break free this weekend and sew a bit. It does take some of the writing block stress away. Another few weeks and I submit.

    I find creating something always lifts any despair at the state of the world (or more immediate things). Sewing a garment takes a tad longer. Cakes a quick.

    World affairs, Aussie elections and thesis = 3 extra kilos…


    • Best of luck as you finish your thesis! Just keep forging ahead. If you’ve made it this far, you can make it another few weeks. It will all be worth it when you have that degree. 🙂


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