Sewing room improvement: small but significant

Sewing room improvement - table risers - close up

Have you ever taken 5 minutes to do something and think to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this AGES ago???”

This past weekend I walked across the street and spent a whopping $11 and made a major improvement to my sewing room.  I bought four all-purpose plastic tubs, propped up my sewing table with them, and saved myself a ton of back pain.

I was truly amazed what this extra 8 inches or so of height did for my back.  I feel like a complete idiot – I should have done this ages ago.

Sewing room improvement - table risers

As you can see above, my sewing table is now level with my ironing board, which is a good sign that the table is now at an adequate height for working while standing.

You can also see how my desk is blocked when the “studio” is set up.  BTW, this is actually the desk I am writing this post in right now.  🙂

I don’t know how long these plastic tubs will last, but for $11, I don’t really care.  I’m just happy that I have temporarily overcome my idiocy and managed to fix this extremely fixable problem.  Hooray!

29 thoughts on “Sewing room improvement: small but significant

  1. I went to a new quilting group and they had cut PVC pipe into 4 pieces to add height to their cutting table. It was wonderful. It’s amazing what little things can do to help. I learn so much from other people. Your articles are always interesting and the comments from the readers are amazing. Thanks.

  2. I use PVC pipe on a table with the same kind of legs. It is great for my back. I can even put two tables together and pin a large quilt.

    • Wonderful! One day I’d love to have enough space for two big tables. I keep imagining my future “workshop”… you know, once I win the lottery. 🙂

  3. Hi, looks like a great improvement! Back health is sooo important 🙂
    I guess you could fill the buckets with plaster or concrete to make them last?

    • I probably could, but that would just make them heavier to move around, which might counteract the back benefits! The extra height makes such a huge difference though, and I’ve learned (the hard way) to treat my back much more gently now.

    • Yes, that’s the dream! Cutting is what has really hurt my back in the past, and I need a better way to do it. So far the extra height is making all the difference. And yes, I think bed risers are in my future. These buckets were the only thing I could find locally on short notice.

    • Yes, do it!! It really made a huge difference for me. To test my table, I tried to put my hands flat on the table without bending over. If I couldn’t do it, the table was too low.

      • Great suggestion~thank you! Just did your test & can reach table without bending… however, I know my arms are a tad short proportionally (always shortening sleeves) so might try those bed raisers I see around. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Seconding plastic/rubber bed risers! Just looking at those buckets is making me nervous. Bed risers are designed to carry the weight of a bed, so you know your table will never collapse even if you put pressure on it. And some are stackable. 🙂 In the meantime, though, YAY for your back!

    • Haha, yes, thanks Ebi! I actually went to the hardware store looking specifically for bed risers, but they didn’t have any (?!?!???). I got these buckets in a pinch and will probably order a set of bed risers online for when the buckets eventually break.

  5. I need a solutution for that too but buckets won’t solve my problem as I use my dining table which is quite heavy, I’ll see if I can find any of those bed risers mentioned above though, I gess since they can carry a bed my table won’t be a problem.

  6. I use bed risers as well, they are the best things ever. Most dining room tables are 30″ high, whereas professional cutting tables are usually at least 36″ high, so the risers are awesome at holding the weight and bridging the distance

  7. Such a great idea, bed risers too. My back kills when cutting out and if it’s a lot I get back ache the next day too, I have a drop leaf table but I might be able to work it.

    • Yes, definitely look into it! It’s such a simple solution that will probably make a really big difference in how your back feels. I am kicking myself for not doing this years ago. If bed risers can hold a big wooden bed, they might be able to hold a big wooden table too.

  8. Since getting my bedrisers (Amazon), my full size cutting table (huge Ikea dining table) hasn’t wobbled or moved! I use it as a barre when working out, despite basically putting my entire weight on it. Plus, I can lay things out, cut, pin, trace, etc for hours.
    So worth it.

    • That’s definitely the dream. 🙂 I’m already amazed at how much longer I can work at the table (while standing up) now that it’s just a few inches higher. Those few inches make all the difference.

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