A quilting diversion

Raspberry kiss blocks in progress

I spent nearly 8 hours on Saturday cutting out fabric for my floral Robson… and I’m still not finished!  That’s on top of all the cutting I did the previous weekend.  I’m starting to think that I may have overdone it will all the layers on this coat.  So far I’ve finished cutting all the flannel interlining and the main fabric, in addition to most of the lining pieces.  I still have to finish the lining, cut out all the interfacing, and cut the hair canvas that I got for the front facings/lapels.  Will I ever be ready to start actually sewing this beast???

No pictures of the coat this week.  Just imagine a heap of cut fabric.  A large heap.

Because I needed a break after all that cutting, I whipped up a few quilt blocks.  I’m using this free raspberry kiss pattern and the leftover scraps from my Aqueduct Quilt.  These were so quick and fun compared to the hell of coat fabric cutting.  Wait, did I say HELL?  Isn’t sewing supposed to be FUN??  Let’s just say that cutting is not my favorite part of the sewing process!

Anyway… back to this little quilting diversion.

Raspberry kiss blocks - early block

I think my blocks are getting better as I go along.  The block above was one of my first, and you can see some puckering along the interior seams.  Later, the blocks seemed to lie much flatter, as you can see below.  Progress!

Raspberry kiss blocks - late block

I have a bunch more blocks cut out and ready to sew, mostly blues and pinks to add to the mix.

Fabric cut for more raspberry kiss blocks

For now though, my main focus is still on the Robson.  I’m really looking forward to starting the sewing process, assuming I ever make it thorough the abyss of cutting.  Oh cutting, why do you torment me so??

Hope you’re all having a good week!

7 thoughts on “A quilting diversion

  1. I love cutting out my fabric in general, but working on a coat gave me pause – and I think it had less than half the number of pieces yours does! I think I started sewing the shell before I even cut the lining because I couldn’t handle it!


    • Haha, I’ve been thinking of doing that too! At first I wanted to just power through the cutting, but I seriously underestimated how long it would take. I think if I start sewing it will motivate me to finish the cutting. It’s hard to believe, but this coat has consumed over 10 yards of fabric so far, ahhh!!


  2. I just finished a coat and oh my, the cutting. I lost count of how many pieces were involved – I’m pretty sure the main body had 30, plus lining, underlining, interfacing, pockets and bias binding … so good luck! It will be worth it when it’s finished to have a really warm and solidly constructed coat.


  3. I hate cutting, and coat cutting is just the worst!! I usually construct the shell before even looking at the lining. Or sometimes before even buying the lining… ha!


  4. I don’t mind cutting (except my back does complain a bit); my issue is finishing! Why is so hard to get the pieces put together and then actually sewed? They just taunt me. haha Your next quilt will be so bright and cheery, love the dots! And the coat will be glorious!


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