Resurrecting the beast

Sewaholic Robson pattern pieces

Guess what I dug out of my pattern storage bin this weekend?  My Robson trench!  Yeah!!!  You may recall that I did a ton of work on this pattern in January during a week-long sewcation, which ultimately resulted in me throwing out my back.  Not fun.  But you know what IS fun?  Returning to a complicated pattern with nearly all of the hard work (muslining and fitting) already done.

The keyword being NEARLY.

Crazy armscye adjustments

It turns out I had left myself a cryptic note on a post-it about re-doing the armscye to correct a mistake.  After five months, I honestly don’t remember what the hell I was doing with all those sleeve and shoulder adjustments!  I even read through my old blog posts about it, which helped a little, but not enough to remember exactly what I had wanted to correct.  I spent many hours this afternoon staring at the pattern pieces, tracing armscye curves, drawing new ones, measuring things, etc… until I ultimately decided to fudge it and move on with my life.  The result is the wonky armscye you see above.  My only defense is that this curve was traced from my muslin, which fits decently well.

Wine is required for flat pattern adjustments

Eventually my work on the Robson transitioned into drinking wine.  You know how it is.  🙂

At this point, I really think that all my flat pattern adjustments are complete, and I can finally move on to cutting fabric.  I already have all my fabric and lining, and I just ordered some fusible hair canvas from Fashion Sewing Supply to use as interfacing for the collar and lapels.  I don’t plan on doing any actual tailoring on this coat, but I have a sample of the hair canvas and thought it would give a nice weight to the lapels.  If you have any experience with this product, please chime in.

Since this is a Sewaholic pattern, I also wanted to take a moment to wish Tasia all the best in her new endeavors, whatever they may be.  I suspect many of you will agree with me that Tasia will be truly missed in the online sewing community.  Her voice and ideas were always so fresh and authentic, and she was a pillar of professionalism and transparency in the way she ran her business.  I have a lot of respect for her and am grateful for all her contributions to the sewing community.  Tasia, best wishes with whatever’s next for you!

Sewcation Days 5-6 - coat fabrics

I’m really excited to get back to work on this potentially epic project.  There will be a full lining and interlining, tons of contrast bias binding, and a decent amount of hand sewing, which I always prefer for hems on nicer garments.  Let the games begin.  🙂

15 thoughts on “Resurrecting the beast

  1. It’s great that you’re pulling this coat back out! Maybe some time off from the initial fitting and frustration will be just the thing to get back into it. Ditto on your Sewaholic sentiments… it really made me sad to hear that such a respected pioneer of the Indie sewing world was packing it up. I’m sure Tasia has wonderful things ahead of her, she’s definitely a smart businesswoman!


    • Well said Lisa! I kind of hope she buys another business (sewing related or otherwise), becomes a famous female CEO or something, and winds up on the cover of Forbes. 🙂


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