Aqueduct Quilt – finished!

Aqueduct Quilt - finished

My Aqueduct Quilt is finally finished, hooray!  This was a really fun and rewarding project, from the initial sketches through fabric selection, piecing, and quilting.  It took me about nine months from start to finish (with a long period of inactivity in the middle), but I’m glad I persevered and finally finished it.

You can read all about the design and sewing process in my series of in-progress posts.

And now, onto the photos!

Aqueduct Quilt - finished project

Roman aqueduct in Segovia

As I’ve mentioned before, the inspiration for this quilt was the Roman aqueduct in Segovia that I visited last year during my trip to Spain.  I’m quite pleased with how the finished quilt represents the aqueduct in a simplified but whimsical way and how it carries through the perspective from the original photograph.  I’m also glad the quilt does NOT incorporate any of the many, many tour buses at the site.  🙂
Aqueduct Quilt - finished - small arch

I love the quilted birds under the arches.  I think they would have stood out better from the background if the yellow area was more densely quilted, but I’ll chalk this up to a lesson learned for next time.

Aqueduct Quilt - finished - large arch

I had fun with the quilting on this project, using a different pattern in each of the different fabric wedges.  Most of the quilting is straight lines, but I incorporated some stippling in the orange “sky” and orange geometric “ground” area.  For the pink heart fabric, I free-motion quilted around the hearts.
Aqueduct Quilt - finished - front quilting

The back is just as colorful as the front.  It’s a little busy, but I enjoy squinting at it and trying to decipher all the elements from the front through the quilting lines.Aqueduct Quilt - finished back

For example, can you spot the three birds in the image below?  🙂
Aqueduct Quilt - finished - arch from back Aqueduct Quilt - finished - back quilting

These photos were taken on my roof deck on a cloudy afternoon.  Usually I try to wait for some sun, but with the bright colors in this quilt, I think the overcast sky worked out well.  At the very least, the photos are taken, so in that sense it was a great success.  Done and done!  🙂

The deck also features our growing garden of potted plants:

I’m thrilled that I haven’t killed any of these plants yet!!  My gardening skills are basically non-existent, but hopefully I’m learning a bit this summer.Garden top view

It feels good to have officially finished a project, and I’m excited to find a spot in the house to hang my new quilt.  Then again, I kind of want to wrap myself up it (despite its small size), so it may wind up living on the couch.  🙂

Happy summer, and happy sewing!

21 thoughts on “Aqueduct Quilt – finished!

  1. Congratulations on finishing! I especially like how the quilting lines stand out in the orange section. I also love the back! Your quilt turned out great. Nine months is pretty fast in my book–my only quilt is nearly all one big period of inactivity. I started in 2008! You’re speedy. 😉


  2. It is so pretty, Carolyn! I love all of the different quilting– especially those little birds! Enjoy snuggling under it. It seems like a shame to have the back side of it up against the wall so I think it should definitely end up on the couch.


  3. It turned out fabulous! Really beautiful job. It was great to follow along with your whole creative process. Can’t believe it’s been nine months since you started, time has really flow.


    • Thanks Ebi! I know, right?? I feel like time has been absolutely flying ever since I started this crazy new job, and I think I started this quilt the week before my start date.


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