Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the back

Aqueduct Quilt - quilt top and back together

It was a three-day weekend here in Boston to accommodate all the hoopla associated with the Boston Marathon earlier today, which means that I basically sewed for three days straight.  Not complaining.  🙂  It also means that I made a ton of progress on my Aqueduct Quilt!  I’ve been obsessed with this project lately and have enjoyed the opportunity to let it take over my life for a few days.  In other words, I’ve been in sewing heaven.

Aqueduct Quilt - pieces for the quilt back

Today I worked on the quilt back, which is turning out to be enough work to qualify as an alternate quilt front!  My original plan to combine the blue strips with warm colored arcs of bias tape went out the window this morning when I had the idea to make lots of long and thin strips.  I just played around with some random scraps until I had a combination of colors and an arrangement of shapes that I liked.  The end result was two long strips of blue-pastel-blue sandwiches.  I have to say, I love love love them.

(By the way, do you recognize any garment fabric leftovers in this quilt back?  There are pieces from my Oxford and Liberty Archer, Sarrouel Trousers, Chevron Skirt, Spring Archer, and Coral Moss Mini!)

Aqueduct Quilt - quilt back pieces and background

The photo above shows the strips still being assembled but gives you an idea of what I’m imagining for the finished quilt back.  I want to incorporate the bright yellow from the arches on the front of the quilt, so I think I’ll include yellow strips along the top, middle, and bottom of the quilt back.  I’ll adjust the width of the yellow strips to make the dimensions of the back match the front.  What do you think: color overload or brilliantly bright?  🙂

I’ll keep you posted as work progresses on this project, but I probably won’t get back to it until next weekend.

In other news, this weekend featured a lazy cat (no surprise there):

Maggie relaxing on a lazy Sunday

… and a pretty amazing sunset:

Inspiring sky sunsetI don’t know what was going on with all those plane tracks being made in such a short time frame, but the end result was pretty spectacular!  I thought this scene would be great inspiration for another mini quilt.  🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

10 thoughts on “Aqueduct Quilt: piecing the back

    • Thanks so much! Quilting is next, and I have to come up with a design that will complement the arches. Hmmmmm. I also want to pick up a free motion quilting foot, which is proving to be a challenge since my local shop doesn’t carry it!


    • It’s definitely not hard at all! If you can cut and sew straight lines, you can do it. It’s a lot of little pieces to deal with, but just straight sewing.


  1. I just read your posts about the quilt front and back. The front is gorgeous! All of those little pattern pieces are so impressive. I think the back looks great, too. What size is it–lap quilt or is this one that will go on the wall? I hope that you’ll be able to show off the back side of it since it’s so intricate!


    • Thanks so much, Teri! It’s pretty small, only about 32 inches by 40 inches, so more of a wall hanging than a lap quilt. I’d like to hang it in my sewing room but may have to flip it around once in a while!


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