Weekend happenings

Johanna Basford Secret Garden - Koi Pond coloring in progress 1A funny thing happened this past weekend: my boyfriend’s mom was in town, and she was staying in our guest bedroom (aka my sewing studio).  Soon after arriving, she curiously surveyed my sewing table, on which various projects-in-progress had been piled up as I had cleaned up the room to prepare for her visit.  Her various inquiries resulted in (a) a lesson in how to operate the serger (fun!), and (b) a tour of my newfangled adult coloring book.  Later, when both John and his mom independently decided that afternoon naps were in order, I found myself temporarily banned from my sewing room (aka the guest bedroom) and needed something to keep me occupied.  I grabbed the coloring book and got going on a new page.

Johanna Basford Secret Garden - Koi Pond coloring in progress 3 Johanna Basford Secret Garden - Koi Pond coloring in progress 4

We had a great weekend, filled to the brim with absolutely delicious food, lots of fun conversation, a trip to the fabric store (just browsing), and even some live Celtic music.  I didn’t get any sewing done, but the coloring fulfilled my desire to do something creative during my time off work.  I quite like how this page is coming out so far!  I’ve been calling it “Koi Pond,” and it’s another page from Secret Garden.  I’m planning to make the background all blue to drive home the aquatic theme.

In other news, I’ll be attending the second official meeting of the brand new Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild this upcoming weekend.  Should be fun!  I’ve never been a member of a quilt guild before, but since this new group meets so close to home, I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I’m hoping it will encourage me to finish my Aqueduct quilt that I started last fall… and that has been languishing untouched for months now.  If you’re in the Boston area and will be attending, be sure to say hi!

I hope you’ve all been having a good week!  Do you ever give sewing lessons to visitors to your home?  I need to invite more visitors because it was pretty fun.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend happenings

    • Thanks Teri! In my opinion, the Johanna Basford coloring books are leagues ahead of the rest. Her designs are so artistic, detailed, and whimsical. I hope she produces 10 more books so I can hoard them. 🙂


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