Sewcation Day 3: Muslin mania

Sewcation Day 3 - sewing machine in twilight

Today was all muslin, all the time.  I cut out and assembled my Robson in plain cotton muslin (and thankfully, I had just enough left over from previous projects).  I tried it on.  I stared at my shoulders.  I pinned, I sewed, I seam ripped, and I pinned and sewed some more.  Then I stared at my shoulders again.  I raised my arms.  I lowered them.  I tugged and pulled and poked and prodded.  Then I took off the coat and declared defeat.  Temporary defeat.

I WILL figure this out.  Just not today.

The Robson is giving me a run for my money, that’s for sure.  As much as I respect Tasia and her company, Sewaholic patterns and their narrow shoulders are just not a good match for me.  I’m considering switching patterns, but I haven’t given up on the Robson yet.  YET.

I would curse my huge shoulders, but they’re really good at carrying heavy grocery bags.  🙂

Some photos from today:

Sewcation Day 3 - cutting out the muslin 1 Sewcation Day 3 - cutting out the muslin 2 Sewcation Day 3 - muslin pieces cut out Sewcation Day 3 - muslin on table Sewcation Day 3 - notions box Sewcation Day 3 - snowy view from sewing room

It’s cold, windy, and snowy in Boston today.  At least I have my huge shoulders to keep me warm.  🙂

15 thoughts on “Sewcation Day 3: Muslin mania

  1. Come on, girl, show us pics of you in the muslin! Let the great power of the internet (and wiser heads than mine) diagnose all your fitting needs! 🙂


    • I’ll get there, for sure! I want to try one more thing first, with fresh fabric. I butchered this thing so severely that it’s hard to tell what’s going on anymore!


  2. I really admire how dedicated you are to getting the fit right and the associated fitting knowledge. I would be in such a huff right now


    • Haha, I am definitely in a huff over this! But I try to look at it as a fun challenge to overcome. As frustrated as I am with fitting, I’m still having way more fun than being at work. 🙂 I think my dedication stems from my financial situation. I don’t want to waste an expensive (for me) fabric on a garment that I won’t wear!


  3. Aw, I am laughing and commiserating at the same time… If you do decide to go with a different pattern, I’ve found McCall’s to run wide through the shoulders! Jenny from Cashmerette made this one recently: I’ve also found Burdastyle’s outerwear to be pretty accommodating in the shoulders.They have a couple of good-looking trenches: and Ok, I’ll stop trying to tempt you with new patterns now 🙂


    • Haha, thanks Morgan. I’m glad I have a sympathetic ear! 🙂 I actually tried to find that McCall’s pattern after seeing Jenny’s post but only found a copy on eBay that wouldn’t arrive until after my vacation was over (it’s OOP). I should have planned this more in advance. Thanks for the links to the Burda trenches, though. I may just wind up printing one out at the library later today…


    • Yes, this always happens! I often have good ideas in the shower or walking down the street. Looking at things with fresh eyes is always helpful, in sewing and just about everything else.


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