2015 Year in Review: Misses

Sewing Top 5 of 2015 - Crafting a Rainbow

After taking a look at my favorite sewing projects of the year, let’s see which projects rarely made it out of the closet.  I only have 4 projects that I wasn’t really happy with, and since most of them were experiments, I guess that’s not too bad!

Top 4 Misses of 2015

#4 – Pink cowl-neck top

Pink cowl-neck top - altered front

This top wasn’t too bad, and I did make an effort to wear it a bunch of times over the summer.  Still, I’m not crazy about it.  It started out as an experimental Renfrew hack that wound up being too long, and then I chopped some length off the bottom, making it a little too short.  Even more disappointing, the cowl wasn’t nearly as big or drapey as I had intended (due to my lack of cowl-drafting knowledge).  Oh well!  It was an experiment.  The saving grace of this top is the bright pink color, which I absolutely love.

#3 – Chambray racerback tank

Chambray racerback tank - front

My Granny chic version was a win, but this one didn’t quite achieve the same level of appreciation.  This top isn’t awful and did get a few wears over the summer, but it has some fatal flaws: (1) the drag lines around the bust are more noticeable in this top and bother me every time I see them (it was my first sloper project, after all); (2) I’m not sure the lace applique is really my style (another experiment!); and (3) most importantly, the top combines fall colors with a summer cut.  I had a hard time figuring out how to style this top!  Lesson learned: save the darker colors for cold weather garments.

#2 – Coral Moss Mini

Coral Grainline Moss mini - front with hands in pockets

Technically I made this skirt at the end of 2014, but I wanted to include it here because it got very few wears throughout the subsequent year.  This is a sad one, because I love this skirt!  This was the first version I sewed in fashion fabric after making a muslin, and somehow it just wound up a bit too small.  With a short skirt to begin with, having it sit higher on my hips made it too short for me to wear comfortably, especially to work.  And since my primary goal in sewing garments is to build up my work wardrobe, this was basically a FAIL.  Boooo!  I still have it though, in the hopes that maybe if I lose a few pounds it will fit again.  Ha.  🙂  For my subsequent Moss minis, I went up a size, and the fit was much better.

#1 – Velour Blouse

Velour Blouse version 1 - huge armhole

This top was a complete experiment and wound up being completely ridiculous and basically unwearable!  I was on an experimental kick over the summer and decided to just go for it with this top.  I didn’t make a muslin (the horror!), I used a woven instead of a knit (double horror!!), and I made a top with cap sleeves when I KNOW that cap sleeves don’t work with my broad shoulders.  What was I thinking??  I tried to salvage it by turning it into a sleeveless tank (unblogged), but it still didn’t quite work.  Oh well.  This was a low time commitment project with inexpensive fabric, so no big deal.  The silver lining is that this top used some really interesting and new-to-me construction methods to neatly finish the neckline and armholes (it’s fully lined), so at least I learned a new skill.  🙂

After a stressful year with less sewing than I would have liked, 4 somewhat experimental projects that didn’t quite work out isn’t all that bad.  I’ll be back with at least one more year in review post, and I’ll announce the winner of my holiday giveaway tomorrow.  Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!  (I’m finally working on John’s matching flannel PJs!)

12 thoughts on “2015 Year in Review: Misses

  1. I so enjoy reading these year end posts and I still need to put mine together. 4 misses is not bad at all! I really admire all of the experimental sewing you do. I can’t wait to see what you tackle in 2016!


    • Thanks Teri, I really enjoy these posts too! My experimental sewing this year was largely inspired by that Japanese pattern book. I wonder how adventurous I’ll be in the new year. 🙂


    • Seriously! I love that skirt and really do hope to wear it more in the future. If I’m ever feeling particularly industrious, I may decide to alter it or even replace it, since I have enough of that coral twill leftover to make another skirt. We’ll see!


  2. I really love that racerback tank. I was totally inspired by you and bought some of the bird fabric over the summer to create a button down (or maybe a popover) shirt! I say, take the lace applique off…and maybe wear it with a sweater? I love the skirt, too, but I know what you mean about something being just a little too short or whatever. You don’t want to spend the day worrying if you are exposing yourself. 😉


    • Haha, exactly! I may indeed take the lace off that tank top because the top doesn’t look too bad with a black floral cardigan that I have. I’m so glad you got some of that bird fabric – it’s fabulous! I hope you get around to using it for a shirt. 🙂

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  3. In case you’re still looking for a sleeveless cowl neck top, I cannot recommend McCall’s M6078 highly enough! It takes barely a yard of fabric and is the easiest thing to sew.

    Also, I would never have pegged you as a pink girl, but it seems to be your color! 🙂 Here’s hoping you get some winners in pink in 2016.


    • Thanks for the recommendation, Ebi! I may just give that a try once the weather warms up again, since my desire for a cowl-neck top has not gone away. 🙂 As for wearing pink, you couldn’t have paid me a million dollars to wear anything pink about 10 years ago, but for some reason it’s grown on me. I’m not a girly girl at all, but I do love pink. Go figure!

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