2015 Year in Review: Hits

Sewing Top 5 of 2015 - Crafting a Rainbow

It’s that time of year again!  I always enjoy participating in Gillian’s Sewing Top 5 series and reading all of your year-in-review posts.  It’s fun to look back on another great year of sewing, take stock of our triumphs and failures, and reflect on lessons learned along the way.  I’ll start with a round-up of my favorite and most successful sewing projects of the year.

Top 5 Hits of 2015

#1 – Sarrouel Trousers in Floral Rayon

Sarrouel Trousers in floral rayon - full outfit 1

No, you’re not hallucinating, these were my favorite project of the year!  I know these shorts are an acquired taste (perhaps requiring more than one human lifetime to acquire, LOL), but there is something about this project that I absolutely adore.  Maybe it’s the gorgeous, drapey, floral fabric, maybe it’s the unusual silhouette, or maybe it’s just that I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and wound up with a surprise hit.  Whatever the reason, these shorts were a total win this summer.

#2 – GeoPop Moss Mini

Grainline GeoPop Moss mini - finished

This skirt is all about the fabric.  This awesome, boldly geometric, eye-searingly colorful fabric!  This skirt was in heavy rotation last winter, and I’ve been wearing it again now that tights weather has come back around.  The combination of a fun fabric, a super functional slippery lining, and a classic silhouette make this skirt a staple in my winter wardrobe.  I even wore it for Christmas last week!  This is one of those garments that I’m always waiting to wear again.  After all, you can only wear a crazy skirt like this so often.  Is once a week too much??  🙂

#3 – Floral Renfrew

Floral Renfrew - finished

A simple cotton/spandex t-shirt, this Renfrew was a hit due to the beautiful floral fabric.  I find myself saving this shirt for visits with friends and family, presentations at work, meetings, or any occasion that can be deemed as deserving of a special top.  Since I wear this about once a week, apparently “buying lunch at the cafeteria” is also considered “special.”  🙂  I always feel great wearing this top – it’s just fun!

#4 – Floral Voile Archer

Floral voile Archer - finished

Once again, the fabric combination in this Archer makes it a favorite.  I absolutely love the blue and white floral combined with the accents of blue and white stripes.  It just screams “summer” to me.  This top got a lot of wear over the summer and early fall (including my thesis defense!), when a light and breezy top like this was perfect for keeping out the chilly air conditioning or a light fall breeze.  I was also happy with a few changes I made in construction, including moving the buttons on the sleeve cuffs so they don’t interfere with typing and giving myself a little more wiggle room in the shoulders.

#5 – Granny Chic Racerback Tank

Granny chic racerback tank - spring pose

This top was a surprise hit!  I wasn’t sure about this ditsy Granny-shamrock-floral fabric at first, but this wound up being one of my favorite summer tops and got lots of wear with this RTW white skirt and my chevron stripe skirt.  Despite the fact that it was the first real project I made from my sloper and therefore could have used a few more tweaks, the top fit well and was really comfortable in searing hot weather.  This was another top that screamed “summer” and was a fun choice for barbecues and strolls along the beach.

You may have noticed a theme with my Top 5 Hits this year: 4 out of 5 were made from bright floral fabric, and the other one involved a rainbow of colors.  What can I say?  I love wearing bright, colorful garments.  🙂

Honorable Mention – Alpi Chinos wearable muslin

Named Alpi Chinos - cover photo

Finally, although these pants weren’t exactly a roaring success, I made pants this year!!  I made these almost exactly a year ago during the holiday break, and I was so immensely proud of this milestone sewing accomplishment.  I’m a bit disappointed that I never got around to making another pair and tweaking the fit, but I did draft a pants sloper (still unblogged) and really, really want to get back to this when I have the time.  While these pants got some wear last winter, there are a few ongoing problems that limit their wear for a second season, including fading black fabric (WHY did I buy black?), a somewhat baggy fit, and poorly sized and placed back pockets.  But still, I made pants.  Pretty awesome.  🙂

I’ll be back soon with a list of misses, some highlights from my year in sewing (and life), and a few overarching goals for 2016.  I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

P.S. – There’s still time to enter my She Wears the Pants holiday giveaway!  Deadline is January 1.

10 thoughts on “2015 Year in Review: Hits

  1. I love your love of bright colors and florals 🙂 I didn’t remember the Granny Chic racerback – don’t know if I missed it while away, or just blanked out. Love it though, especially the ribbon detail at the front. Looking forward to your 2016 makes!


    • Thanks Gail! I loved your tailored blazer series this year – so much detail and such a great reference for anyone interested in tailoring. Here’s to another productive year of sewing!


  2. You’ve made some fabulous pieces this year! I love all the bright cheery colors! I especially love that chevron skirt-just awesome. I really love reading everyone’s Top Five posts. Hope you have a great New Year Carolyn! 🙂


    • Thanks Rebecca! The only reason I didn’t include that chevron skirt in my Top 5 is that it wrinkles really easily, and I wind up feeling a little disheveled when wearing it. It looks great when I leave the house in the morning, but after a few hours of sitting at my desk, it’s wrinkle city. Oh well, that’s what you get with 100% cotton. Happy New Year!


  3. I was just thinking today that I would like to add a few patterned long sleeved tees to my wardrobe… just like your floral Renfrew! It’s nice to have the comfort of a tee shirt, but just a little more special. It was a great year of sewing for you, wishing you a wonderful 2016!


    • Thanks Lisa! I love the combination of a comfortable shirt with a little something extra. My workplace is extremely casual (a university), so dressing up is out of place. If I can spice up my t-shirt and jeans routine, I’ll take it! Happy New Year to you and your family!


  4. I love all your favourites but I think the blue Archer is amazing – blue and white print always looks so cool and the details are lovely. I found my hits also have that combination of fabric I love with everyday wearability?



    • Thanks Louise! I loved your hits too. That blue coat is amazing, and I absolutely love how you conquered pants this year and found a TNT pattern. I hope to be in that position next year. Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. ah, that Moss skirt is gorgeus, as you say the fabric makes it special, so colourful and it should be easy to combine it with other garmets as all the rainbow colours are there!
    wish you have a Happy and Creative New Year!!


    • Thanks Aida, same to you! You’re right – my very colorful wardrobe means that I actually have many brightly-colored tops to wear with this skirt. I try to stick with solid colored tops though, as I think the print of the skirt is more than enough for one outfit!


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